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DISC Training

An International Leader 

For Over 20 Years!

Why Choose Chart Your Course International?

  1. We have been in business for over 20 years and have become the nation’s leading provider of DISC, Motivators, and Emotional Intelligence certification training.
  2. For more than 34 years, TTI Success Insights has been an industry leader when it comes to assessment solutions for the talent management industry. We were selected as one of the Top 20 from a possible 5000 companies.
  3. We are easy to work with. We have a full-time staff whose main goal is to provide you exceptional service and support.
  4. Our assessment tools are validated by research, are fully EEOC compliant and available in over 30 languages.
  5. Our assessments are fully customizable. Add your own logo and contact information. Add or remove pages.  Just about anything you want to do.
  6. Our DISC training and handout materials are provided to you forever for free.  We provide you access to our “Members Only” webpage where you can access updated materials, handouts, slides and videos.
  7. We provide lifetime support. Our solution providers are glad to provide you ongoing coaching, advice and support for your projects.

Please contact us now by calling 800-821-2487 or visit our website at  www.Chartcourse.com

What Is Included In Your DISC Certification Training Program
  • DISC Facilitator Kit
  • Additional free training DISC assessments
  • Make up classes and recordings available if you miss a class
  • DISC certification training classes conducted in four, 90-minute sessions
  • One hour-long one-on-one coaching session with Greg
  • Access to our online dashboard providing access to over 35 different types of assessments
  • Additional free training DISC assessments
  • Discounts on all our DISC assessments
  • Tuition free attendance to all future DISC webseminars when space is available
  • DISC Icebreakers and Teambuilding book
  • The Universal Language DISC reference manual
  • Personalized Workplace Motivators report
  • Printed materials, exercises, worksheets and handouts
  • Future material updates for free forever
  • Online training videos
  • Sets of PowerPoint slides
  • Additional free DISC profile reports
  • Personalized online 22-page DISC assessment
  • DISC Tip reminder card
  • Ongoing coaching, advice and support for your projects, reports etc.
  • Open book exam and official DISC certification
  • Weekly DISC tips via email
  • Diploma
  • DISC online videos