DISC Team Building Exercises

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DISC Team Building Exercises and Activities to Incorporate in Your DISC Training Workshops

Before using these team building exercises: It is wise to consider a few basic elements before choosing and using these DISC team building activities.


First, these DISC team building exercises and activities tend to work best when participants have taken ownership with their participation in the activity chosen by the trainer. There are five key elements providing participant ownership:

1. The explanation for the DISC activity.

2. The goals of the DISC activity.

3. The structure of the DISC activity.

4. The capacity to ask questions.

5. The freewill to participate at their comfort level.

This last element is crucial and overlooked in many cases.  An announcement at the beginning of an DISC exercise is usually all that is needed to insure participants understand they are not “bound” to participate in every activity.

Many participants will not express their concerns to facilitator.  Keep in mind any DISC training activity could place stress and anxiety on people for many reasons. Some people are shy. Others just don’t like doing team activities or may be having a “bad day.”  No matter the reason, understand there will be people who will not participate.  Have an alternative plan just in case.

For those who opt out, perhaps ask them to be “observers” and see if they are comfortable providing a debriefing at the end of the event. Provide them something constructive to do during the exercise.  When given the freewill to choose, people will take greater ownership of their participation.

To increase a greater level of participation, you might consider saying participants have the right to “pass” at any point of the DISC exercise.

Set the Climate

Team building exercises set the climate for the workshop to proceed. With this understanding it makes sense to choose an activity that is in alignment or consistent with the meeting climate. An activity out of alignment could send a different message. The unintended message could send the meeting in a different direction. So it makes sense to spend the time choosing the activity carefully.

Learning Objectives

Some trainers and facilitators prefer using the activity containing learning objectives related to the meeting, DISC training program, or goal of the group. However, each exercise is dynamic and has both intended and unintended objectives. Considering this prior to the event will help you optimize ownership and manage the educational benefits your people will experience.

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