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Leadership Development

StrategyStudies show the actions of the leader are the most important factor in guiding and sustaining your organization.  Leaders create the environment that drives profits, sets performance expectations that encourages and maintains a high level of job satisfaction and financial success.

Talent Management & Employee Engagement

The backbone of any organization are the people and the talents they bring to the job.  We can help you design employee engagement strategies to motivate, manage, retain and develop your workforce to its full potential in alignment with your organization’s mission, values, strategy and action plans.

Employee Selection and Hiring Solutions

The worst mistake employers make is selecting or promoting the WRONG person.  We provide you the ability to identify and hire top performers each and every time — those that will perform in the top 20%.  An effective selection and hiring process includes more than a resume and a job interview.

Corporate Meetings

Consulting Projects

What We Do

We accelerate human and organizational performance.  We help executives and our clients become more profitable and transform themselves into exceptional places to work that attract, retain and motivate people to their full potential.

Since the beginning of time, ancient mariners have navigated the sea in search of new lands and opportunities.  Just like then, the ability to navigate through storms, see beyond the horizon, innovate and manage accelerated rates of change is more important than ever before. Success comes to those who transform themselves, leverage human talent and harness the opportunities this changing business environment brings.

Chart Your Course International works in partnership with businesses to design strategies and processes to help manage change, grow your organization, develop the talent of your people and implement strategy based initiatives.

Since 1993, Greg and his team of seasoned business solution specialists have guided hundreds of organizations in designing talent management strategies and leadership processes. We help to grow organizations and implement employee engagement initiatives creating clearer direction, increased profitability, stronger executive teamwork, improved communication, improved customer service and happier and more productive employees.

We help our clients maximize their effectiveness and profitability by accelerating the performance of your people.

“Greg is a creative genius. He is laser-focused on providing his clients with solutions in talent management, leadership development and customer service. He gets the job done and will produce the results you need.”

Vital Learning

Bright Ideas

Greg’s insights into determining issues, problems and opportunities inside any company is among the best I have seen. He can literally walk into a company or organization and just by observing people, work and communicate and asking a number of key questions, he can pick up process related improvements and understand why the company is not advancing the progress on its own and what it needs to do to move forward.

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