Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Employee Satisfaction Survey and Employee Engagement Surveys

OD Survey Plus
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Are your employees happy at work?  Are they thinking about leaving?  Improve employee satisfaction and employee retention by measuring employee satisfaction and engagement. Our easy to use satisfaction survey system can help your company benchmark workforce attitudes on issues that impact the entire organization.

Based on responses to standardized and/or customized questions, we can generate detailed reports on important workplace issues. We make it easy by tracking employee feedback by administering your survey, analyzing survey data, monitoring progress and making recommendations for organizational improvement.

Types of Satisfaction Surveys Available

  • Job Satisfaction Survey
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Opinions and Attitudes
  • Employee Exit Interviews
  • Stay Interviews
  • Call Center Satisfaction
  • Employee Satisfaction Survey
  • Employee Retention Surveys
  • Employee Engagement Survey
  • Employee Motivation
  • New Employee Satisfaction
  • Customer Attitudes

How does it work? The process is simple. We provide you and your organization a secure webpage where the questions are listed. After all scorings are received, we provide you a printed report or access to a webpage listing the ratings summary.

Features of OD Survey Plus

  • Internet based surveys, providing ultimate flexibility and reach
  • Dual factor capability, measuring perceived performance versus expected performance
  • Hidden categories and randomized questions for survey flexibility
  • Over 1300 questions for you to choose from, sorted by categories (or build your OWN questions)
  • Completely anonymous-Identities protected
  • employee satisfaction, suggestion, surveys, happiness, employee engagement
  • Internet based–accessible from anywhere in the world
  • We work with you to design the assessment
  • Choose either a customized or generic assessment

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Client Support

Our team of consultants are available to provide you personalized support and help you benefit from your system. We are particularly interested in helping you implement the program, establish baselines, and provide interpretation and developmental insights. Our firm is committed to helping you maximize your productivity and profits through better employee selection, retention and development.

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