DISC Training Materials and Facilitator Kit

These training materials listed below are included as part of your DISC training program and kit.

If purchased separately, the value of the individual items would be worth over $900

DISC Facilitator Kit

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leadership speaker, gregory smith, employee motivationFired Up! Leading Your Organization to Achieve Exceptional Results. Value: $19.95

Members Only” website providing access to resources, study guides, handouts and tip sheets

Value: $99

Personalized Personal Engagement and Motivation assessment.

DISC Personalized assessment (22-page Staff-Manager report)


Over 60 different exercises you can use in your DISC workshops. Value: $49.95

DISC training videos and recorded training sessions (Online-Streaming)

sample slides



Other Products and DISC Materials Included!

  • DISC PowerPoint Slides for Workshops. Value: $99disc tip card
  • Debriefing Guides
  • Additional training assessments for free
  • DISC Certification exam
  • Discounted access to an online assessment portal providing access to a suite of over 35 varieties of assessments/reports (Value: $350)
  • DISC wristbands
  • DISC Technique Card
  • Weekly DISC tips via Email
  • Mousepad
  • Post-training coaching and support by the Chart Your Course team

Included in the Two-Day Master DISC Class

  • Everything above
  • Master DISC Facilitation Manual (101 pages)
  • Multiple sets of of slides for General, Team, Leadership and Sales workshops (All completely customizable)
  • Group Data Displays – template for name tents with DISC graph, group graphs on one page, group wheel, and group analysis (above and below as well as adaptations)
  • DISC Interviewing Guides
  • Certificate – Certified DISC Behavior Analyst (CDBA)
  • Post class coaching advice from Lisa and Greg


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