DISC Training Materials and Facilitator Kit


If purchased separately, the value of the individual items would be worth over $900

DISC Facilitator Kit

leadership speaker, gregory smith, employee motivationFired Up! Leading Your Organization to Achieve Exceptional Results. Value: $19.95

Members Only” website providing access to additional resources, videos, study guides, handouts and tip sheets

Value: $99

Personalized Personal Engagement and Motivation assessment.

DISC Personalized assessment (22-page Staff-Manager report)

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) report

Best Icebreakers & Teambuilding Exercises.Over 60 different exercises you can use in your DISC workshops. Value: $49.95

Online DISC web training programDISC training videos and recorded training sessions (Online-Streaming)

DISC Tip Cards

DISC workshop PowerPoint slides


Other Products and DISC Materials Included!

  • DISC PowerPoint Slides for Workshops. Value: $99
  • Debriefing Guides
  • Additional training assessments for free
  • DISC Certification exam
  • Discounted access to an online assessment portal providing access to a suite of over 35 varieties of assessments/reports (Value: $350)
  • DISC wristbands
  • DISC Technique Card
  • Weekly DISC tips via Email
  • Mousepad
  • Post-training coaching and support by the Chart Your Course team

Included in the Two-Day Master DISC Class

  • Everything above
  • Master DISC Facilitation Manual (101 pages)
  • Multiple sets of of slides for General, Team, Leadership and Sales workshops (All completely customizable)
  • Group Data Displays – template for name tents with DISC graph, group graphs on one page, group wheel, and group analysis (above and below as well as adaptations)
  • DISC Interviewing Guides
  • Certificate – Certified DISC Behavior Analyst (CDBA)
  • Post class coaching advice from Lisa and Greg





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