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How the Workplace Is Changing in 2018

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There’s an old saying: The only thing that’s certain is change, and that’s sometimes nowhere more apparent than in the workplace. Decades ago, women were prevented from even trying their hand at some jobs, and couldn’t work if they were married or pregnant. Now, women are breaking into all sorts of fields. And technology continues to affect the workplace too, with remote work, global locations, and interconnectedness driving much of our development.

Society, technology, education—they all make an impact. Even cyclical changes can affect work. For example, many small businesses say that the ability to find qualified workers is forcing them to reassess their business. That means they may have to re-evaluate how they find, hire, and retain workers, especially those people who are entering the job force for the first time—millennials. What else is changing work culture, and what do you need to know? This graphic explains it.

Qualified Workers are in Demand

The unemployment rate is below 5% and expected to remain there for a while. Around one quarter (22%) of small businesses say a shortage of qualified workers is their top business concern in 2018.

Because of the tight labor market, employers are becoming more innovative in recruiting and retaining employees, especially millennial employees. That’s because that group now makes up the majority of the American workforce. Millennials value work-life balance, career mobility, flexible working conditions, and social responsibility. Gen Z, on the other hand, want independence, face-to-face communication, and for employers to cater to them. Some companies hire Directors of Employee Experience to improve the working experience of their employees.

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