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We can help you facilitate an executive team building workshop, team building workshop, leadership retreat, strategic planning session or a corporate retreat. Whether you need a more relaxed session or a business oriented approach, we may be able to assist. Our expert team building faculty come from a broad range of backgrounds and experiences who can design the perfect event for your group or retreat. We have designed various team building workshops in over 22 different countries.

DISC Team Building Workshops

Individual behavior styles and preferences have a direct impact on our interpersonal relationships on workplace teams. Team members differ from each other in fundamental ways including their values, behaviors, talents, temperaments, wants and beliefs. Our team building workshop will help individuals understand each other better and appreciate the differences each person brings to the workplace. As a result, you will become a more successful leader and make interactions with others more rewarding and effective. This executive team building program will unlock some of the mysteries in dealing with people on and off the job.

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Sample Team Building Workshops & Programsteam building workshop

Let us design a special team building workshop that will help you achieve your team building goals and accelerate the performance of your team:

  • Improve communication and manage conflict
  • Manage change
  • Learn creative team problem solving techniques
  • Increase sales
  • Capture ideas and suggestions from the workforce
  • Improve harmony and executive teamwork
  • Eliminate barriers and road blocks with less bureaucracy
  • Create a clear sense of direction and purpose
  • Create a high performance team
  • Design a team work environment that motivates and has more fun
  • Foster team building problem solving, creativity and innovation
  • Build strong team building skills
  • Enhance team cohesiveness
  • Motivate your team members
  • Recognize everyone’s unique talent and abilities
  • Sharpen team problem solving skills


Corporate Team Building Workshops: We do not lecture people, and we never stand behind a podium. We use accelerated learning principles to create a high-performance environment. Team members are totally involved.

Having Fun: Our events are for people who not only want to learn something new, but also like to have fun. We use many ways to involve the audience to reinforce essential points. See photos of other team building events

Transforming Managers into Leaders: Leadership is something you learn by experience. Our team building facilitators create a learning environment by using exercises, role plays, story telling, and simulated experiences designed to provide the leadership skills needed in today’s rapidly changing world.

Providing Content: People leave our sessions with a road map for success. They will capture new ideas, tips, and strategies on how to build teams, motivate employees, retain talent, improve productivity and keep their personal lives on course. See team building books.

Team Building Raleigh, Durham and Atlanta: Our team building event faculty travels to your location and will be glad to discuss how we can customize a team building activity with you over the phone. Call us at 770-860-9464.

Greg Smith, Executive and Business CoachGreg Smith
Lead Navigator & Team Building Workshop Facilitator

We are Team Building Event Experts!

My staff and I have worked with hundreds of clients. I guarantee that we will come up with a dynamic team building workshop or team building retreat that will exceed your expectations.

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Team building and retreats provided in these other cities:

Greg is available for TEAM BUILDING WORKSHOPS in Atlanta, Arizona (Phoenix, Tucson, Mesa), California TEAM BUILDING Certification training as in TEAM BUILDING training Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, Fresno, Sacramento and of course TEAM BUILDING workshops in Long Beach. Texas is one of our favorite states so there are TEAM BUILDING training programs in Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, Ft. Worth, and Austin. Virginia has Virginia Beach and Washington State has TEAM BUILDING training for Seattle. Washington, DC, TEAM BUILDING training and certification can be taught in Tampa, Florida, Gainesville, Florida, Chicago, and Louisville, KY, TEAM BUILDING and Baltimore, MD, TEAM BUILDING workshops are possible as TEAM BUILDING training in Boston, MA, and Detroit, MI. Kansas City TEAM BUILDING certification classes are offered. TEAM BUILDING workshop and team behavior training in cities such as Omaha, Las Vegas, Albuquerque, and North Carolina (Charlotte, Durham and Raleigh TEAM BUILDING. New York, NY. TEAM BUILDING workshops located in Columbus, OH, Oklahoma City and Portland OR. Wherever you are, we are available for TEAM BUILDING training.