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Essential Skills of Leadership teaches managers contemporary techniques for effective leadership, thereby improving their performance and increasing the productivity of both the team and the organization. Throughout this course, managers review video presentations and case studies, participate in group discussions, practice new skills and receive immediate feedback.


online management training courses1. Tied to Competencies.

The training courses are built from proven instructional leadership principles designed for today’s leaders. We’ve mapped all of the refreshed courses to a set of established leadership competencies. We’ve created “Learning Tracks,” which are recommended custom learning plans based on the specific needs of the organization.


vl32. Highly visual and interactive.

“A graphic is worth 1,000 words. A video is worth 10,000 words.” The new supervisory training courses utilize graphics and videos to make the course highly interactive and engaging. We’ve shot 160 new high-definition videos for the courses. These include Positive Model videos (Office, Industrial, and Healthcare versions), as well as short video scenarios.


supervisor training, management online courses3. Learning by doing.

The online management courses have been designed to best meet the needs of today’s leaders and managers. The overall focus is learning by doing, creating an engaging environment where participants continually practice and build their confidence with the skill points over time. Short scenarios and interactive exercises prepare students for the Behavior Modeling and Skill Practice sections (the “heart” of the Vital Learning courses).

vlworkbooks4. Skill development over time.

All of our classroom and online management courses include free access to our new Vital Learning reinforcement mobile app. The app will enable participants to continually develop and practice their skills over time (for a few months after the initial classroom training). This reinforcement is an easy and engaging way to help participants become more comfortable applying their new skills back on the job.


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