Employee Retention Survey 2004

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The Chart Your Course International staff has worked hard to complete the 2004 Job Satisfaction and Retention Survey.

Chart Your Course International conducted the following survey in August 2004. The survey had 455 respondents. We expanded the survey in 2004 and conducted two variations to include both a General Business and a Healthcare version.

Key Findings:

  • Salary has become the top issue as to why people will “stay,” or “leave” their organization for another.
  • The number of people considering leaving their current employer for another has increased since the first survey in 2001.
  • Communication issues have increased in importance as to what causes low morale and “dissatisfaction” at work.

Question 12 indicates a large portion of potential in the workforce is going untapped. Over 70 percent of the respondents indicated they had ideas/suggestions that could be used to improve productivity between 30-60 percent.

Survey is located at:




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