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Why Do People Act the Way They Do? | DISC Webinar

Behavior Assessments / DISC Profile / DISC Training / Hiring / Human Resource Management / Talent Management
DISC training and certification

An Introduction to DISC and Behavior Assessments for Greater Success

Individual behavior styles and our emotional intelligence (soft skills) have a direct impact on our interpersonal relationships in the workplace. Individuals differ from each other in fundamental ways including their values, behaviors, talents, temperaments, wants and beliefs. Our webinar will help individuals understand each other better and appreciate the unique strengths and differences each person brings to the office.

The principal objectives are identified below:

  • Overview of the DISC language
  • Characteristics of the four behavior factors
  • How to adapt communication styles to work better together
  • How to positively impact customers
  • How to best utilize individual strengths
  • How DISC reports can improve team performance
  • How to use DISC and other reports as a pre-employment tool 

DISC Training & Certification

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