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Employee Surveys Can Help Employee Retention

Employee Surveys Can Help Employee Retention

How to Find Out What Your Employees Really Think and Improve Staff Retention Providing the right support for your executives and business leaders to create a workplace your employees will thrive and work hard in, is an integral part of a successful c... Read More »

4 Ways to Increase Retention and Employee Engagement

Employee Retention and Engagement It’s a feat for businesses to retain employees for five years or more in today’s market, and the cost of losing them is high. The Center for American Progress claims that for workers earning $75,000 or le... Read More »

Futren’s Strategies for Employee Retention

Businesses in the hospitality and food and beverage industries face many challenges. They ride the ups and downs of the economy more closely than the healthcare, government, or high-tech sectors, and average two to three times the rate of employee tu... Read More »

High Morale Doesn’t Guarantee Employee Retention

Employee Retention Strategies Here is a portion of an artcile written by Rebecca R. Hastings, SPHR that appeared on the website. High morale may not correlate with retention, recent studies suggest. Consider these seemingly contradictory res... Read More »

Employee Turnover Statistics | Employee Retention

TRANSFORM YOUR ORGANIZATION FROM HIGH TURNOVER TO HIGH RETENTION This is Part 2 of a two part series. While many leading companies place more effort in employee retention, most are clueless. They accept employee turnover as a normal part of doing bus... Read More »

Employee Retention: Retaining the Right Talent to Reach the Next Level

In today’s economy, every business executive, owner, CEO and president should be asking themselves one important question: “Do I have the talent to take this business to the next level?” If the answer is no, you probably want to begin looking, but if... Read More »

Employee Turnover and Retention Important Now More Than Ever

Attracting and retaining talented employees is one of the biggest challenges facing every industry today. And one of the major reasons for low retention rates is the employment of bad managers, according to an expert. “Managers are the most inf... Read More »

Employee Engagement Speaker | Greg Smith

Employee Engagement Speaker & Expert Provides Strategies that Boost Performance Greg Smith speaks to audiences worldwide on employee engagement, employee motivation and employee motivation. When individuals lose their motivation, organizations lo... Read More »

employee engagement and retention strategy

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement Strategies Build Stronger Organizations Do You Care About Me? Gallup began measuring employee engagement in the 1990’s. In June 2013, only 30% of the workforce were fully engaged in their jobs. Since then many companies have... Read More »

Work Perks That Help Attract and Retain Employees – Cafe Quill

Work Perks That Help Attract and Retain Employees – Cafe Quill

Employee Retention: Benefits that Attract and Retain Employees In the “old days” of work, an employee could sign on with a company in their early 20s and expect to earn a decent salary for the next 40 years before retiring on a respectable pension. T... Read More »

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