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Tailor-made for Your Employees’ Needs.

Productive and engaged managers, team leaders, and team members are critical to the success of your organization. Providing properly delivered training helps your employees improve their effectiveness and become more efficient. But how do you balance organizational needs for maximized productivity within your workforce while continuing to provide essential training?

Technology continues to evolve, creating many new options for delivering training. Today, people consume content in a variety of formats. Providing your organization with multiple options for training ensures your employees maintain high levels of productivity. In addition, it allows your workers to participate in training that best meets the needs of each employee as well as the organization.

Our training solutions are available in 4 different formats:


The classic! This is the  traditional, tried-and-true technique for teaching essential management skills. Our classroom courses include high quality videos that provide a multimedia experience that helps model scenarios for all participants, while pre- and post-assessments allow the facilitator to gauge the success and impact of the training.Vital Learning classroom courses provide robust materials for both the facilitator as well as participants.

Our facilitator guides provide all the information trainers need to deliver effective courses, including:

  • Complete instructions about how to conduct the course
  • Supplemental information for the trainer (sample trainer narrative, transcripts of video segments and facilitation notes)
  • A resource CD that includes a complete PowerPoint presentation, reproducible notes and exercise pages from the facilitator guide and participant workbook, and additional resources
  • Access to Vital Learning’s Online Resource Center, Vital Hub, which contains digital versions of all supplemental information for the facilitator
  • A DVD that contains videos of illustrative cases for both the industrial and professional work environments

Our participant workbooks effectively guide supervisors, managers, team leaders, and team members through our courses, which utilize case studies and real-world situations to solidify new skills. Workbooks contain:

  • Exercises, forms, and skill practice aids
  • A job aids section with tools and resources for applying skills learned in the course
  • A Memory Jogger Card™, which gives leaders a useful and practical reminder of the course’s skill points

Access to Vital Learning’s Online Resource Center, Vital Hub, which contains digital versions of all supplemental information for the participant


Are the scheduling constraints of classroom learning to rigid for your employees or organization? Our eLearning courses are designed to be flexible, and can be stopped and restarted at any time. Our online learning format reduces training time and increases flexibility by enabling your team members to work at their own pace.

Vital eLearning courses are effective because they present the same content and skills of our classroom training. Vital Learning’s eLearning courses utilize high quality videos to provide a multi-media experience that helps model scenarios, along with pre- and post-course assessments that allow you to gauge the success of the training and the improvement of your employees.

Vital eLearning courses include multiple interactive quizzes in various formats, which ensure active participation and effective knowledge retention. Online courses also include simulated practice that gives participants the opportunity to see concepts in real-world situations, connecting skill points to realistic business challenges.

All Vital Learning eLearning courses are available for 365 days from the date of purchase, allowing supervisors, managers, team leaders, and team members to access, review, or retake the course as many times as they desire.


Do you desire the flexibility of eLearning AND the interactivity of classroom training? Our blended programs offer the benefits of both approaches. Blending classroom training and eLearning maximizes effectiveness while minimizing leaders’ time away from work and their teams.By combining all of the benefits and features of our classroom and eLearning courses, supervisors, managers, and team leaders can not only learn at their own pace, but also get the benefit of live practice in a safe coaching environment. In the classroom, participants get feedback from facilitators while they practice skills in real-world situations, while online resources reinforce continued learning.


When you need more flexibility than our eLearning courses offer, mobile training is the answer. Learn on your phone, whenever and wherever you have the time.

Our mobile app—Vital Learning Pocket Coach for Supervisors—is available for download from the iTunes store and from the Google Play store. Pocket Coach gives you quick and easy access to tips, videos, and skill points to help develop and reinforce fundamental supervisory skills.

The Vital Learning Pocket Coach app is highly versatile. Quick and easy access to training lets you build your skillset around your schedule and access training when you need it. From sharpening your management skills while sitting in an airport, to gaining a quick refresher before walking into a meeting with a struggling team member, Vital Learning’s mobile training offers ultimate flexibility.

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