Leadership Skills Gap Growing Leadership and Management Development Needed

Jim Collins, in his book “From Good to Great,” says when it comes to leadership–it is critical to “Get the right people on the bus, the wrong people off the bus, and the right people in the right seats.”

The dilemma is this . . .it is getting harder to find the “right people.” So therefore, if you can’t find good leaders then you have to train them.

We are working with more organizations complaining about a growing leadership skills gap. As the Baby Boomer generation draws near retirement, there are fewer people available with the necessary skills and supervisory ability to replace their more experienced counterparts. Possibly, some of this hubris was recognized in our most recent Job Satisfaction Survey. Respondents rated one out of every two supervisors either “Average or Poor.”

Tell me how a business is going to stay competitive with scores like that?

We all know leadership ability is the lynchpin to organizational success. Leadership skills cannot be outsourced, nor can they be bought. Leadership skills have to be nurtured and developed.

Those organizations that provide an organized leadership development program do better. Their ratings on communication, retention, customer satisfaction, and overall job satisfaction are much higher than those who don’t.

Consider Baptist Hospital Inc. in Sarasota, Florida. They were listed in Fortune magazine’s “Top 100 Best Places to Work for in America.” They are also a Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award winner. As part of their development process, all managers are required to attend their Leadership Institute equipping them with processes and management skills. This leadership development program impacts powerfully on the bottom-line by reducing turnover and raising job satisfaction. Consider these accomplishments–

To help bridge the leadership gap we have partnered with another company to provide a cost effective, self-contained leadership program you can use inside your organization. The program has been used by over two million people worldwide, and has a proven track record of over 25 years of training experience.

The program will improve relations between leaders and team members increasing worker and leader productivity. The program can be used over and over again. With the Online version of the Supervision Series, individuals can take advantage of refresher and ramp-up training anytime, anywhere—supporting their goals.

There are over 12 different modules in this program. Each module is provided online or can be taught in a half-day classroom program or approximately 45 minutes to two hours on the Internet.  See the right side bar.

Our leadership and management training courses will help you advance your career by learning the critical skills needed to become an excellent manager or supervisor—retaining your best people, motivating, delegating, resolving conflict, coaching, counseling with and more!