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bigstock-Smiling-business-people-sittin-12587240Expand and Grow Your Training & Consulting Business

Want to add new products and training programs to grow your revenue?

Join The Vital Affiliate Program

Do you want to sell top-quality management training courses? Become a Vital Affiliate and bring change to the way your clients’ organizations operate.

What Does It Mean To Be A Vital Affiliate?

The Vital Learning Affiliate Program is a network of independent contractors and consultants spreading the benefits of Vital Learning management training courses. These partners are authorized to sell and distribute our products and promote essential skills training courses with the power to change organizations.

How Does It Work?

Basically, Vital Learning produces management training courses, and we rely on our management training experts to sell our products to the end users. With the assistance of our Affiliate Advisory Board, we guarantee that our solutions continually exceed the needs of the customer. We are committed to the success of our Affiliate partners and believe that Vital Learning’s partnership and products help them grow their businesses.

What’s In It For You?

As a Vital Learning Online Partner, you are allowed to purchase Vital Learning products, at wholesale prices equal to 50% of suggested retail price. This will allow you to profit by the resale of these products to endusers. Integrating theVital Learning products and subsequent training into your existing client organizations can add value to your clients and generate greater income for you.

Add Vital’s proven learning management system to your repertoire of courses. We also want to all-12-fg-newenable you to succeed, so we provide:

  • The opportunity to sell and distribute Vital Learning’s award-winning leadership, sales, customer service and productivity courses to your clients
  • Access to regularly updated customized marketing materials, newsletters, blogs, case studies and webinars for you and your clients
  • Membership in a powerful and collaborative group of professional trainers, consultants, speakers, mentors and coaches that can help you grow your business and succeed
  • A copy of the complete Facilitator Guides for Vital Learning’s Leadership Essentials series of management training courses and Participant Workbooks to get your sales efforts started
  • A self-branded portal on our Learning Management System that gives you and your clients access to over 45 online courses
  • Invitations to exclusive Vital Learning Affiliate conferences and training events

Plus, there are additional benefits for our top level of Affiliate partners. You’ll receive special access to assistance from Vital facilitators and selling specialists, lessons in generating qualified leads and more.

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