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Hotel Customer Service Training

customer service training for hotelsFive Star Customer Service Training For Hotels

A hotel customer service training program designed for the hotel and hospitality industry to maintain and enhance customer service standards. Specifically designed for the hotel and hospitality industry.

Providing exceptional hotel and hospitality customer service is essential in today’s market. With Five Star Service you can teach and reinforce service skills for improving and sustaining an outstanding service level.

Financial survival in years to come mandates that each of your employees deliver superior service to every guest at all times. That is what builds guest loyalty and repeat bookings. The “internal” customer is also an integral part of a successful outcome.

Travelers today have higher customer service expectations than in the past. They also have more price points to choose from and an ever-increasing variety of lodging alternatives. To succeed, Five Star Service is not a frivolous luxury, but rather a critical element of hospitality customer service training and service delivery.

The objective of Five Star Service is to improve guest satisfaction while increasing employee morale and to develop the coaching skills of managers and supervisors.

Five Star Hotel Customer Service ModulesfeelingCS

1. Introduction

2. Quality Service Defined

3. First Impressions

4. The Customer’s Perspective

5. What Does the Customer Need?

6. Review

7. Doing Your Best

8. Understanding Your Responsibilities

9. Empowerment

10. The Power of Collaboration

11. The Challenge

12. Conclusion and Celebration

Participants use the concepts presented in the Learning Modules and then relate that concept to their respective working environments. Each session is fun, very interactive, and brings important guest service issues to the surface.

Five Star Service for Hospitality includes:

  • Leader Guide
  • Participant Manual
  • Teaching Videos
  • Performance Standard
  • Attaining Excellence Pin
  • Technique Cards
  • Certificate of Accomplishment

A personalized certificate of accomplishment is provided for each employee upon completion of the program. Being certified shows customers that your employees are up to date on their training and reinforces the standard of service you wish to deliver. Proudly display your certificates of accomplishment to improve employee morale throughout your hotel, resort or organization.

Hotel Customer Service Participant Packages:

A few of our Hotel clients:

  • Peppermill Hotel and Casino
  • Intercontinental Hotel
  • Accor Economy Lodging
  • Wyndham Hotels
  • Hilton Hotels
  • Marriott Hotels
  • Potawatomi Casino
  • All clients

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