Creating the High Performance Organization

Leading and Growing Your Business to Achieve Exceptional Results

Creating The High Performance Organization

high performance organizationWhether you are a small company or a large corporation, success depends on your ability to eliminate status quo, improve financial results and exceed customer expectations. The High Performance Organization is unafraid of change and embraces new innovations and trends in order to remain competitive. The organization is enabled to make meaningful change to improve programs, services, products and processes and to create new value for the organization’s stakeholders. Based on proven concepts, you will be able to develop a plan that will generate measurable, bottom-line performance improvement results quickly. As a result you will be able to adapt to changing trends and manage shifts in markets, competition and customer preferences in today’s work environment.

Greg Smith will help you chart your course toward success by addressing the ten strategies of a High Performance Organization. His strategy-laden illustrations from top companies such as La Rosa’s, Johnson & Johnson, Zappos, SSM Healthcare, SAS, Ritz-Carlton hotels and others provide proof his strategies generate measurable results within the attitudes of people and the bottom-line.

Our customized training programs will provide you with dozens of ideas on how to manage your department, organization, or company. You will leave with an action plan that can be immediately implemented once you return to the office.

RiversideCaseStudyRoadmap to Improved Customer Service, Employee Engagement and Increase Profits

  • Service department sales up 22% in less than one year
  • Empowering workers to make on-the-spot decisions to satisfy a customer
  • Customer complaints are down from one a week to one a quarter
  • And read on… there are even more!


How Your Organization Will Benefit

  • Learn a step-by-step strategy for growth and measurable bottom-line results
  • Learn how to deliver better, faster service increasing customer satisfaction
  • Learn how to gain repeat business and loyalty
  • Understand the groundwork building employee motivation, morale and PRIDE
  • Learn how to increase sales and profitability
  • Discover new ways to manage employee ideas and suggestions
  • Discover how to identify, recruit and hire top talent
  • Overcome resistance and barriers to change
  • Determine customer needs and develop new and improved products and services
  • Reduce resistance to change
  • Create an organizational structure that facilitates change, growth and productivity

Our High Performance Organization Program Outlines 10 Important Strategies

Strategy 1: Deploy a High Performance Leadership Strategy

Learn how to design and deploy a strategy where leadership is exercised, formally and informally, throughout the organization. During this session you will learn the importance of having structures and systems for decision-making, selection and development of leaders and managers and reinforcement of values, directions and performance expectations.

Strategy 2: Common Purpose and Vision Toward the Future

This strategy shows you how to align the vision, mission and values to insure everyone in the organization is heading in the same direction. Your customer service strategy will create consistent and repeatable habits and behaviors, leading to growth and sales.

Strategy 3: Provide Direction and Lead by Example

Leadership is the driving force behind profitability and excellent organizational performance. Leaders in the organization serve as role models through their ethical behavior and personal involvement in planning, communications, coaching and development of future leaders, organizational performance and employee recognition.gregdisctrn

Strategy 4: Customer and Market Focus

One of the most important priorities is meeting and exceeding the needs and expectations of customers. Do you build and maintain relationships? Do you have metrics in place to measure customer satisfaction and loyalty? Employees are enabled to satisfy customers on first contact, improve processes and raise productivity, leading to improved business results.

Strategy 5: Create a Charged Environment that Engages the Workforce

This strategy focuses on creating incentives to reward and recognize the workforce and insure they consistently deliver excellent results. Success depends on valuing each employee’s satisfaction, motivation, well-being and development. People have a basic human need to feel appreciated. Recognition programs help meet that need as well as generate behavior in alignment with organizational goals and standards.

Strategy 6: Talent Management

Money brings employees through the front door, but bad work environments drive them out the back. Build a high retention workforce that reduces employee turnover, helps people reach high levels of productivity, greater employee motivation and increased sales. This session will show you how to transform the entire workforce into a high-retention culture, saving your organization countless thousands of dollars. You will learn how to design an effective retention program beginning on day one and lasting the lifetime of the employee.

Strategy 7: Creating and Managing Change

Sam Walton said, “To succeed in this world, you have to change all the time.” The high performance organization is unafraid of change and embraces new innovations and trends in order to remain competitive. The organization does not maintain status quo; but is enabled to make meaningful change to improve their programs, services, products and processes and to create new value for the organization’s stakeholders.

Strategy 8: Tear Down Walls and Barriers

Learn how to improve communication and build teamwork among the workforce. You will discover how to remove barriers that inhibit customer service and cause customers to leave for the competition. The organization spends time pinpointing and removing barriers, obstacles and non-valued work obstructing workflow, communication and productivity. Individuals are free to go to anyone in the organization for advice and assistance.

Strategy 9: Manage Ideas and Innovation

It has been said, “Be Innovative or Be Gone.” High performing organizations have a system to capture, nurture and implement the ideas of their workforce from the bottom to the top. They learn and apply new knowledge, trends and create work environments focusing on continuous improvement.

Strategy 10: Manage Performance and Measure Productivity

High performance organizations manage individual performance and help others reach their potential. Additionally, they effectively measure, analyze and review performance data to drive improvement and organizational competitiveness.