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Many organizations choose us to conduct executive 360 assessments on their senior level managers and executives. As an option, we can provide both personal coaching and/or an executive assessment debriefing to the rated individual. One of our leadership coaches will assist the rated individual in developing an action plan in a confidential and professional manner.

To provide each Senior Manager with constructive 360 Degree Feedback assessment of his/her performance, as perceived by peers, direct reports, board and, if appropriate, by customers.

To highlight for each Senior Manager the key areas for development and/or enhancement, arising from the constructive feedback received from the 360 Degree Feedback, as this applies to their position as Executive/Senior Manager.

Here, we will focus on providing each Executive/Senior Manager with an overall understanding of the significance of 360 Degree Feedback and its application for constructive learning and development. The common parameters and applications will be explored in a group format, with one-to-one feedback being provided to each Executive/Senior Manager, on a one-to-one basis.

At the end of this leadership survey process, all Senior Managers will be provided with a collective understand of the key competencies and skills required for effective management and leadership, with specific emphasis on the particular personal and professional development areas, identified from the benchmark process.

It is proposed to repeat the 360 Degree Feedback process at the end of the overall program, to provide each Executive/Senior Manager with updated feedback on his/her performance and effectiveness, as perceived by peers, staff and customers.

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