Enhanced Team Facilitator Report

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Team reports allow you to combine multiple client assessment results into a collective team assessment, which illustrates the breakdown of how each person fits the overall team dynamic. Team reports can be created for both behaviors and/or motivators in your IDS account.

Introducing the Enhanced Team Facilitator Report

Successful teams are critical to the success and sustainability of groups and organizations. Before a leader can develop a strong team culture, he or she has to effectively tap diverse work styles that directly apply to business goals. TTI Success Insights’ enhanced behavioral team report is a compilation of individual behavioral scores that define the culture, gaps, and opportunities that can predict organizational success.

  • Quick Start User Guide
  • Enhanced Behavioral Team Report
  • Talent Insights® Team Report

  • Enhanced Behavioral Team Reports Tutorials

    Learn more about the contents of the enhanced behavioral team report through the video tutorial below. The tutorial is broken into 13 short modules that review each section of the enhanced report. Navigate modules by clicking on the YouTube Playlist icon available in the upper left corner of the video screen.

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