Employee Suggestion Program Tracking Software


This software program easily keeps track of all the ideas…submitted in your suggestion and employee involvement program. With this Access application you:

  • Quickly log, track, and tap into all the ideas your employees submit.
  • Quickly print out reports on activity and results of employee suggestions and ideas.
  • Quickly search for and find previously submitted ideas…and decisions made on ideas.


This Microsoft Windows Access 2000 application is a single-user, Administrator version…that keeps track of all the ideas submitted by employees…and all the activity and decisions related to the ideas. Don’t waste time trying to manage 100s – even 1,000s – of employee ideas the old-fashioned, “paper-files and ledger-sheets” way.

 idea tracker4


Enter all the information and notes relating to each idea into the Idea Form. Search for previously submitted ideas and all the activity and action related to each idea. Save precious time by quickly recording data in your computer and then quickly finding records.

idea tracker2


Access and print out reports on ideas in 33 different ways! You don’t want to guess at what’s happening in your suggestion and employee involvement program. You want documentation of activity and of the status and progress of each idea.

idea tracker3


Also access and print out cost/benefit reports on ideas submitted by employees, and on ideas evaluated by evaluators. You want reports that show the successful results of your program.

idea tracker1


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