Employee Retention Training for Managers

Employee Retention Training Program Helps Reduce Employee Turnover

employee retention training and seminarsEmployees are deciding whether to stay or leave their employers. Recent surveys show upwards to an 50% increase in employee turnover as the economy improves. Those that fail to make employee retention a priority are at risk of losing their top talented people to the competition. In this employee retention training program you will learn five key strategies that drive job satisfaction and employee engagement leading to high employee retention.

Learn how to . . .

  • Build a high employee retention strategy that reduces employee turnover
  • Help people reach greater levels of productivity leading to higher job satisfaction
  • Improve employee motivation
  • Implement advice focusing on industries including healthcare, manufacturing, service, high tech and professional firms
  • Transform the entire workforce into a high employee retention culture

Employee Retention Training:  Why is it important?

The issue of employee retention is here to stay. Estimates show one out of every three people are dissatisfied with their current employment situation and could leave for better positions as the economic situation continues to improve. The Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) and the Wall Street Journal website completed the Job Recovery Survey. The key findings revealed 64 percent of employees said they were extremely likely to begin or increase the intensity of their job search. An additional 19 percent said they were somewhat likely to increase their search.

Employee retention training, employee retention strategy, employee retention speakerAre your top people getting ready to abandon ship???


Successful organizations realize employee retention and talent management is integral to sustaining their leadership and growth in the marketplace. Attracting, hiring, and retaining high-caliber employees in today’s labor market challenges all organizations to manage talent at all levels. Our employee retention programs provide strategies and suggestions on ways to turn an average organization into a highly productive, low-turnover environment where managers can focus on productivity — not recruiting and replacing an endless stream of workers.

Greg Smith will help you chart your course toward success by addressing the eight dimensions needed for an effective employee retention strategy. As part of the employee retention training, you will develop a plan of action for each of the eight strategies.

His strategy-laden illustrations from many different organizations such as La Rosa’s, Zappos, Google, Deloitte, Baptist Hospital, SSM Healthcare, SAS, Ritz-Carlton hotels and others provide proof his retention seminars generate measurable results within the attitudes of people and the bottom-line. Our training programs will provide you with hundreds of ideas on how to manage your department, organization, or company. You will leave with an action plan that can be immediately implemented once you return to the office.

Retention Seminar Training: Here’s What You’re Going to Learn:

  • Understand the eight key dimensions needed for an effective organizational employee retention strategy
  • Understand the leadership skills needed for high retention
  • Build an employee retention management 
  • Implement a retention strategy that will save you countless thousands of dollars in turnover costs
  • Design powerfully effective employee orientation program and onboarding process
  • Use employee involvement programs to engage your workforce
  • Create incentives and recognition programs that attract and keep your best performers
  • Understand and create an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) that makes you an employer of choice
  • Specific examples from leading organizations (Healthcare/Public/Corporate)
  • How to design and use Individual Retention Plans to build powerful bonds between employees and their managers

We Deliver Our Employee Retention Training in Two Formats:

Onsite Workshops & Over the Web

Attend our 60 minute virtual classroom Employee Retention training

Number of ParticipantsCost
Up to 6:$1500
Up to 12:$1650
Up to 18:$1,750
Up to 25:$1,875
Up to 35:$2,000

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