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Employee Retention Training Program | Retaining Winning Talent Facilitator Kit

employee retention training programEmployee Retention Training Program

Retaining Winning Talent Facilitator Kit (PDF Flyer)

Retaining Winning Talent Demo Booklet – Sample pages from the participant workbook

Employee retention training program facilitator kit – Our facilitator kits provide you with all the training materials to teach the class yourself.Ordering information

Employee Retention Training Program Description

Retaining Winning Talent can be turned into either a half-day or full-day employee retention training program that focuses on one of the most important assets of any organization – its team leaders and their impact on retaining key team members. We can also send one of our facilitators to train your managers on-site.

This employee retention training program provides skills, tools and a research-based approach that helps team leaders reduce employee turnover and building employee engagement. Additionally, this program shows how to rate the attrition risk of each team member, surface individual team members’ retention needs, increase the level of commitment from each team member and, most importantly, develop and implement a Retention Action Plan designed to increase retention for the entire team.

Remaining Competitive

In today’s aggressive business environment remaining competitive is a key priority for executives. To remain competitive, you have to hire truly talented people and then you have to keep them. Turnover is not only costly in terms of replacement expense but it impacts productivity and it’s demoralizing to other team members when they see good people leaving the organization.

The Cost of Employee Turnover and Attrition

Most team leaders are unaware of the total disruptive and financial nature of the loss of a valued team member. Hidden costs and impacts are often overlooked. For example, a team member doesn’t normally just up and leave an organization. A team member actually considers leaving three to six months before resigning, and productivity declines because the individual is no longer a committed team member. This impacts other team members and team morale.

Also, most team leaders need to realize the significant leverage that they have to combat turnover.  Retaining Winning Talent helps team leaders accept that, in the majority of situations, team members quit their team leader, not their organization. Then Retaining Winning Talent helps that leader take productive steps to retain team members.

Benefits of Retaining Winning Talent™

Organizations can offer this employee retention training program in classroom format. Seminar participants receive hands-on experience practicing the program’s skills and methods.

What participants learn:

  • Participants learn the scope, severity and cost of attrition.
  • Participants learn to determine the risk of attrition for each team member.
  • Participants learn to identify which retention factors motivate each team member.
  • Participants learn to increase each team member’s engagement and commitment.
  • Participants learn to build and implement an effective retention action plan for the entire team.

Facilitator Guide

  • Complete instructions on how to conduct the workshop
  • Explanatory text for the trainer
  • Pre-work assignment
  • Sample trainer narrative and facilitation notes
  • Facilitator Resource CD-Rom containing PowerPoint presentation
  • Participant Workbook pages integrated into the facilitator material
  • Complete Retention Action Plan worksheet
  • Completion Certificate template
  • Blank activity cards
  • Pre-Test
  • Post-Test
  • Pre- and Post-Test Answers


Managers and team leaders will be able to:employee retention training program

  • Describe the scope, severity, and cost of attrition.
  • Determine the risk of attrition for each team member.
  • Identify which retention factors motivate each team member.
  • Increase each team member’s engagement and commitment.
  • Apply the STARS research to build and Implement an effective Retention Action Plan for their entire team.
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