DISC Training Testimonials

DISC Training & Certification“Greg Smith recently trained me on the DISC profile. He is a dynamic and charismatic trainer and facilitator. Greg is excellent at establishing clear directions and explaining why we’re doing what we’re doing. He communicated the information in a clear and easy manner for me to learn and comprehend the material. He was also very patient and flexible with his time. Greg has a very warm and gracious spirit and is exceptionally helpful. Immediately following Greg’s training I felt fully prepared and ready to tackle my first DISC facilitation assignment. I strongly recommend Greg to anyone who needs a trainer/motivator with a positive attitude and wonderful teaching style.”

Eric Lewis

“I have recently successfully acquired a DISC Certification online and Greg was my trainer for the course. He was very knowledgeable, provided many real life examples and would gladly get involved in a discussion. Every time I had a question, Greg would provide an answer in a constructive and simple manner. The structure of the course is fast paced, but works very well methodologically as it involves many exercises and case studies. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would recommend Greg as a competent, engaging and lively trainer any time.”

Algirdas Tamašauskas
HR Specialist

“This DISC training has dramatically improved the way my dental staff works with each other. They now understand and appreciate each other’s differences. As a dental consultant and DISC assessment facilitator, I am better situated to help other dental offices shape and mold their staff and teach them how to communicate in an effective and fun way! Greg is a great teacher and makes you feel at ease. This was a wonderful investment in myself and my business.”

Pamela Menaker

“We began working with Greg Smith on use of DISC for improved communication and as an additional tool in our hiring process. Our increased focus in these areas has impacted our overall turnover reducing from a high of 31% in 2006 to 16% in 2008! Greg has been a valuable resource to us on the use of DISC in our banks.”

Kathy Youngquist
First State Bank & Trust

“These assessments have been extremely valuable in helping us put the right people in the right positions. They have totally revitalized the morale, and helped our managers understand and communicate to their staff in a powerful, new way. Staff members are now eager and excited to come to work.”

Regina Coffey
Human Resources Manager
Solideal Tire Inc.

Thanks again for the time you’ve spent teaching me the DISC behavior studies the past 2 weeks. I feel I have gained a better insight and will be able to assist my managers and employees develop into strong teams.

Diana Sprofera
Employee Relations

“Faced for the first time with a need to begin Management level learning for 50 managers, Nicholas & Company needed an easy-to-deploy, consistent and meaningful assessment. I chose Greg Smith’s TTI survey because of its amazing accuracy, but more importantly, Greg’s strong knowledge on how to understand this tool. With his piercing insight, and amazing ability to coach on the results, I found we had discovered a gold mine so rich that I have designed a years worth of management training, customized to each manager, based on the information contained in each person’s assessment. If you are the captain of your ship, Greg is the trusted navigator who will get you where you wish to go.”

Wes Stockman
Performance Development Manager
Nickolas & Company

“I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the DISC webinars! They were very informative and I really liked the way you engaged us and made us feel like we were in a face-to-face classroom setting.”

Paula Shelton
Genesis Training and Development

“By using these assessments we have improved our hiring practices and reduced turnover. We now can identify the key attributes, attitudes, and work ethics leading to success.”

Suzanne Chambers
Operations Manager, G&A Staff Sourcing

“I thoroughly enjoyed the classes for DISC certification. They were full of important information, interesting and moved at a good pace so my attention stayed focused. Greg communicated in a way that was easy to understand, provided answers to questions, clarified points and was entertaining. I would highly recommend the course.”

Jackie O’Guin, SPHR
Chief Human Resources Officer, Lutheran Hour Ministries

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