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DISC Training Course

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DISC Training Course and DISC Certification Training

Chart Your Course International is one of the most renown providers of DISC profiles and DISC training programs.  We have trained hundreds of individuals in almost every industry. Each person brings their own set of skills, talents, attitudes and competencies to the job. Many organizations fall short in effectively matching the right person with the talents required for superior performance. Our assessment methodology can be added to your current hiring and development process to help prevent poor hires and the related drain on your business profits.

We have made it easy to meet the increasing demand for organizations to gain an in-depth understanding of human behavior and be able to apply our assessment theories and manage the training and delivery of our DISC assessments and programs internally.

Our DISC Certification Training programs and DISC assessments help you identify and hire the right people, reduce conflict, improve communication and unleash team performance.


disc training, certification, assessments

DISC Web Certification Training Program | Online DISC Certification

Includes over $900 in DISC training materials plus a Facilitator Kit!


disc assessments, disc certification, online disc

Our web based DISC training program is a popular choice for those who would prefer to avoid travel and enjoy the convenience of a live, interactive format. The online DISC training classes are interactive and conducted by Gregory P. Smith. Normally there are 2-3 students per class.  See our testimonials and list of graduates.

    • Classes conducted in four, 90-minute sessions (3:00 – 4:30 ET)
    • Class dates are flexible and adjustable to your schedule. (Video recordings can be provided)
    • Open book DISC Certification Exam
    • Diploma
    • Fired Up! Leading Your Organization to Achieve Exceptional Results
    • The Universal Language DISC text book
    • CD containing handouts and resource materials
    • DISC wristbands
    • Personalized Personal Engagement and Motivation assessment
    • Personalized online 22-page DISC assessment
    • Free additional DISC assessments
    • DISC mouse pad
    • DISC online videos
    • Online DISC web account with access to 35 different assessments (Value: $350)
    • Post training coaching, advice and support from Greg and his staff
    • Facilitator Kit worth over $900 in additional materials (Click this link)
    • DISC Facilitator Kit
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    disc training, certification, assessmentsSelf-Study DISC Certification Training Program

    Become a Certified DISC Facilitator from the comfort of your home/office. This program includes both an audio and a visual presentations explaining how to understand the DISC language and teaches you how to use and interpret DISC assessments. Use this program as often as you like. Includes the online DISC certification exam.

    • Open-book certification exam
    • Diploma
    • CD containing handouts and resource materials
    • Fired Up! Leading Your Organization to Achieve Exceptional Results
    • The Universal Language DISC. A 372-page reference manual
    • Personalized online 22-page DISC assessment
    • DISC mouse pad
    • DISC online videos
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    disc training, certification, assessments

    DISC Advanced Certification Classroom Program | Atlanta, Georgia | 2-Days

    atlanta disc trainingThis is a behaviorally-based communication workshop. Participants learn how to communicate using the DISC language as a way of understanding themselves and others. The workshop incorporates a DISC behavioral style assessment to give a more complete understanding of what DISC is and how to use it to interact with others and to appreciate others’ behavioral styles.

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    disc training, certification, assessments


    Onsite DISC Training Program

    Our DISC training workshop helps individuals understand each other better and appreciate the unique differences each person brings to the workplace. DISC workshop participants leave the seminar energized and ready to apply the knowledge gained. Employers begin to see the positive changes immediately after the seminar. People will realize that differences are good and can be used effectively to make an organization successful. We conduct DISC training workshops throughout the U.S. and the world.

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