DISC Assessment | Behavior & Personality Report

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Our DISC assessment profile is the most accurate, valid and reliable profile on the market world-wide. The assessment measures 384 different behavior styles.

Chart Your Course International is available to provide you personalized support and help you at any time. We are particularly interested in helping design a hiring solution, establish baselines and show you the assessment and DISC profile insights. Our assessment firm is committed to helping you maximize your productivity and profits through better employee selection, retention and development.

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DISC Personality Assessment

Our DISC behavior styles are unique and show how we express our internal emotions through our external behavior. How we prefer to interact (temperament) with the environment and the people around us.

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TALENT INSIGHTS (DISC & Workplace Motivators Assessments)

Implemented successfully for engaging employees, coaching leaders, building better communication and selecting team members, this report explains what we do and why we do it.

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Self Scoring Paper DISC Assessment

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We have two kinds (6-page version or a 22-page version) of self-scoring, paper DISC assessments. Each allows you to instantly measure an individual’s behavior with a coin-scratch questionnaire. Includes complete instructions to hand score the instrument and plot your DISC graph. It incorporates the four dimensions of normal behavior with 24 specific graphs that are easy to reference for effective learning.

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DISC Training Programs

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  • Gain a thorough understanding of the DISC training model of human behavior.
  • Identify goals and objectives
  • Learn the DISC personality types
  • Understand the different kinds of reports and assessments available
  • Select the appropriate DISC training program tools for your learning application
  • Gain an In-depth understanding of D, I, S and C
  • Understand the Success Insights Wheel™