Customer Service Training Programs

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Customer Service Training Programs

Our customer service skills training programs and videos provide you with the best customer service strategy on improving performance, motivating your people to new levels building excellent customer loyalty and long term customer satisfaction.

We have one of the largest collections of customer service programs, DVDs, literature, seminars and certification programs in the nation. Your ability to exceed customer expectations and deliver a system of exceptional customer service will keep you profitable and your customers happy.

We also provide several healthcare customer service training programs for hospitals, clinics and other healthcare organizations.


Customer Service Training Programs & Facilitator Kits

Service First Video Library Training Program (12 Videos/DVDs)

customer service skills, movies, videos

Train your entire workforce in the art of exceptional customer service. The Service First Video Library is a powerful 12 DVD training system making it easy to train any number of employees – with no limits – with immediate results. The program includes 12 videos, slides, facilitator guide and handouts. The videos are appropriate for any industry.

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Customer Service Training ProgramsCustomer Service Training For Professionals – Feelings For Professionals

This highly acclaimed program achieves a positive transformation in employees by increasing awareness of customer needs, improving skills for dealing with customers, increasing employee’s self-worth and improving communications and cooperation with other employees.

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Leading Empowered Teams for Service Quality

For Managers and Supervisors

customer service for managers

This workshop enables managers to set and maintain service standards, provide feedback aDownload PDFnd reward systems and create a work culture characterized by superior service, empowerment,trust and teamwork.

Available in Spanish and English

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customer service skills, trainingHandling Irate Customers Training Program

Distinguish your organization from the competition in the way it handles customer complaints. Learn how to:

• Overcome difficult situations with customers
• Develop a routine to handle problems
• Recover following stressful encounters

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Customer Service Training Programs, LOYAL FOR LIFE For front-line employees

Loyal For Life is a one session, video-based customer service training program. The program is designed to implemented in 2-4 hours. Content focuses on service recovery, handling customer complaints and empowerment.

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Feelings for Service and Retail Organizations

Customer Service Training Programs, Feelings for Service Retail EnvironmentsThree retail customer service training videos and three sessions of two hours each. This retail customer service training program is designed to encourage interaction, focuses on personal growth and customer service development. The result is a superior quality service environment in retail businesses.

Also available in Spanish.

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 Healthcare with Feelings PGHealthcare with Feelings: Creating the Ultimate Patient Experience

Healthcare with Feelings is our latest customer service skills training program for hospitals, clinics, labs, admin and healthcare workers in general. Healthcare with Feelings will help new and experienced staff members deliver a powerful impact on employee performance and the quality of care your organization provides.

The essence of healthcare is caring, but caring is more than just a word. Caring is how we feel about our we provide services, treatment and support. more than simply being physically present. you patients’ feelings into account and adapting reflect their needs as well as their desires.

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