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You’ve gone to great lengths to make sure that this keynote presentation is a success. You’ve planned all the courses, hired all the right instructors and speakers, and have provided those in attendance with many tools that they need to succeed. So how are you going to top it all off? Who are you going to bring in for this one event that will get everybody energized and ready to go out and become more successful? You’re going to want to find the most dynamic speaker possible who’s going to be able to pull everything together and get your workforce fired up and mobilized.

There are many leadership speakers who come from a wide range of backgrounds, but you want to find someone who has experience along with a vast knowledge of your particular industry. They should be able to relate to all your employees on some level, and they should be able to provide an entertaining experience.

Look for a conference keynote speaker who is a good story teller. It can’t be just any stories that they tell, however. They need to be stories relevant to those who are in attendance and to the program that you have going on. Most people are able to learn more from stories than from any other teaching methods. Stories can help make key points easy to apply and remember.

The message from the motivational keynote speaker has to be intelligent and powerful. He has to be able to evoke emotion from your attendees and cause them to want to charge into action. The keynote speaker will be key in motivating your conference goers to a greater action.

One thing that will help your conference keynote speaker is that they give the attendees something concrete and tangible for them to take with them. It isn’t just the entertainment that the people are seeking. They want to grow from this experience and that is what your conference keynote speaker will help them accomplish.

A profound call to action is how your business speaker will end his talk. He will give the listeners a charge that will cause them to go out feeling energized and with a mission to accomplish.

As founder and President of Chart Your Course International Inc., Greg Smith helps build better businesses, develop leaders, accelerate performance and navigate change.  He speaks at conferences, design strategies to grow organizations and implements business initiatives creating clearer direction, increased profitability, stronger executive teams,  employee engagement, improved communication and happier and more productive employees.

Whomever you choose to speak at your conference needs to be someone who can get the crowd to their feet and charging out the door with a renewed sense of purpose and motivation. This main event can help make every day a major event for those fortunate enough to be in attendance.

Greg is located in Atlanta, Georgia

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