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Charlotte, NC | DISC Workshops & Certification Training

Charlotte, NC | DISC Workshops & Training

We travel to Charlotte, NC to deliver DISC Workshops & Certification Training.  Call us at 800-821-2487



 Includes Official DISC Certification and a Facilitator Kit worth over $900

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Interesting Information About Charlotte, NC and Concord, NC

There are hundreds of fun things to do in Charlotte, NC.

If you enjoy aviation soar at the Carolina’s Aviation Museum. Visit the country’s proudest moments with exhibits featuring aircraft from war and peacetime.

One of the Charlotte’s most visited attractions is Discovery Place featuring interactive science stations, deep sea aquariums, a digital 3-D theater and other wonder-inspiring attractions. Also be sure to check out Discovery Place Kids in Huntersville. Little ones can explore their world through play, encouraging new experiences through imagination, fun and learning. Kids up to second grade will have a blast at this interactive museum.

Injecting some high-powered energy into Charlotte’s substantial auto racing industry, the NASCAR Hall of Fame is an amazing site to honor its car racing heroes. Look for interactive exhibits like pit crew experiences, racing simulators and in addition to unforgettable tributes to NASCAR’s legends. Also be sure to check out the Racing Insiders Tour, which starts at the NASCAR Hall of Fame and will provide you with an in-depth tour in and around Charlotte’s racing community.

Charlotte History

Discover the fascinating history of Charlotte, North Carolina.

Unbeknownst to most, Charlotte has a rich history steeped in the discovery of gold and the pride of Scots-Irish settlers. The Queen City was founded in 1768 and named for Queen Charlotte, wife of King George III of England. Now the nation’s second leading financial center, Charlotte was originally built at the crossroads of two Native-American trading paths. The intersection of these two paths, now major streets, is known as the heart of Charlotte – “Trade & Tryon.”

The discovery of a 17-pound gold nugget in 1799 drew many immigrants to the area in what became the nation’s first gold rush. However, the boom was short-lived. The many Charlotte opportunists ready to strike it rich moved on to California in 1848. Agriculture, mainly tobacco and cotton, was the major revenue provider for the region in the years before the Civil War. After the war, textile industries sprang to life as the city became a cotton processing center and a major railroad hub.

As a result of the railroads’ success, Charlotte became the Carolinas’ largest city and a Southeastern textile and distribution hub. The city’s neighborhoods continued to expand with the addition of the streetcar system, followed by businesses, skyscrapers and suburbs. City planners including the renowned John Nolen helped to shape Charlotte’s modern-day suburbs such as Myers Park and Dilworth.

As businesses continued to flock to Charlotte, the city’s banking industry gained momentum in the 1970s and 1980s under the leadership of financier Hugh McColl. McColl transformed North Carolina National Bank into the present-day Bank of America. The combination of Bank of America and Wachovia made Charlotte the nation’s second-largest banking center, behind New York City.

DISC training and workshops conducted by:

Charlotte, NC | DISC Workshops & TrainingGregory P. Smith, MS, CPBA, CPVA, CPTA

Greg Smith is one of the foremost DISC instructors in the country. He is the Founder and President of Chart Your Course International Inc., located in Atlanta, Georgia. His 30 years of leadership and consulting experience has helped propel him as one of the nation’s leading authorities on employee selection, DISC personality assessment training, talent management, employee engagement and organizational behavior. He has traveled to and conducted workshops in over 26 countries and developed professional and DISC training programs for some of the “Top 100 Best Places to Work.”  Call us at 800-821-2487 or click here for more information.

DISC Certification Training Sample DISC Reports Online DISC Class Registration

The Benefits of Attending our DISC Workshop & Training Programs

  • As a consultant, add additional revenue streams for your business
  • Use assessments to identify and hire the best person for the right job
  • Become an expert on the DISC program and personality model
  • Use our training and assessments to enhance your talent management strategy
  • Reduce conflict and build more effective teams
  • Learn to interpret the DISC training assessment and the Workplace Motivators report

DISC Certification Training Application

Upon successful completion of the training, you may teach the DISC personality model in your organization or use it in other applications outside of your business. We will also provide you an online assessment account to deliver and use our assessments.

DISC Training Certification Workshop Objectives

  • Participants will learn how to correctly administer, score and apply the DISC profile in their own workshops.
  • Discover proven methods to enhance personal DISC Certification Seals and organizational results.
  • Learn how to identify the emotional intelligence, strengths and the abilities of individuals and know which jobs people are best suited.
  • Predict a job applicant’s behavior style before hiring or promoting them.
  • Understand the critical differences between Myers-Briggs, Inscape and other behavior based assessments such as executive, team, customer service and sales versions of the DISC training workshop reports.
  • Learn to integrate DISC assessments training tools and workshops into training and coaching applications.
  • Learn how to design and deliver DISC workshops.

What is DISC certification?

DISC Training Video

  • Gain a thorough understanding of the DISC workshop & training model of human behavior.
  • Identify goals and objectives
  • Learn the DISC personality types
  • Understand the different kinds of reports and assessments available
  • Select the appropriate DISC training program tools for your learning application
  • Gain an In-depth understanding of D, I, S and C
  • Understand the Success Insights Wheel™

Interpreting and Debriefing Charlotte, NC DISC Workshop & Training Class

The purpose of this session is to gain a deeper understanding and build confidence in your ability to deliver DISC workshops. You will also broaden your knowledge of various DISC class certification tools and their applications.

  • Interpret and decide which DISC assessment to use
  • Understand DISC training program graphs
  • Position the instrument and explain the scoring instructions
  • Demonstrate your understanding of the DISC personality and explain the DISC Graph
  • Recognize behaviors of others: effective communication strategies
  • Understanding the Energy line and the Behavioral Hierarchy
  • Identify unusual graphs
  • Practice reading graphs

Applying DISC Training

  • Learn how to conduct a DISC workshop
  • Review PowerPoint slides
  • Discover what activities and materials to use

DISC training provided in these other cities:

Greg is available for DISC Certification training in Atlanta, Arizona (Phoenix, Tucson, Mesa), California DISC Certification training as in DISC training Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, Fresno, Sacramento and DISC workshops in Long Beach. Texas is one of our favorite states so there are DISC training programs in Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, Ft. Worth, and Austin. Virginia has Virginia Beach and Washington State has DISC training for Seattle. DISC training and certification can be taught in Tampa, Florida, Gainesville, Florida, Chicago, and Louisville, KY, DISC and Baltimore, MD, DISC certification classes are possible as DISC training in Boston, MA, and Detroit, MI. Kansas City DISC certification classes are offered. DISC behavior training in cities such as Omaha, Las Vegas, Albuquerque, and North Carolina (Charlotte DISCDurham and Raleigh DISC certification, RTP – train the trainer) classes. New York, NY DISC. DISC workshops located in Columbus, OH, Oklahoma City and Portland OR. We now serve the Washington D.C. DISC training area. Wherever you are, we are available for DISC training.