Team Building

Coming Soon from Chart Your Course: Build Your Business Boot Camp!

Build Your Business Boot Camp My new Build Your Business Boot Camp will cover a comprehensive list of ways business owners, consultants, trainers and entrepreneurs can begin building and growing their business. As a BOOT CAMP participant, you will le... Read More »

Four Ways to Grow Your Business

While many economic indicators have pointed to the economy’s recovery, small businesses are still feeling the pinch. According to a May 2013 survey from email marketing company Constant Contact, 59 percent of small businesses say running their busine... Read More »

Nine Rules for Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is defined as the emotional commitment an employee has for a job or organization, which then drives their performance. Countless studies have proven that an engaged workforce contributes significantly to a business’ success. Resul... Read More »

Six Resolutions for a Winning Corporate Culture

The start of a new year is a great time for companies to assess their corporate environment. Consider it your corporate culture resolutions list. Here are six steps to get you started in the right direction. Be the leader. A winning corporate culture... Read More »

House Building Trip to Nicaragua

During Nov 2-8, 2012, 18 men built 12 homes in Diriamba, Nicaragua. Each house was constructed of metal. The trip was sponsored by First Baptist Church of Conyers, GA. Additional information Visit our web page on team building. Read More »

How to Use Team Building Exercises and Icebreakers

How many meetings have you been to that are just the same old thing — boring gatherings you cannot wait to leave? Most team meetings are poorly managed and non-productive. I have been a teacher, management consultant, and meeting facilitator fo... Read More »

Icebreakers for Team Building

FREE ICE BREAKERS AND TEAM BUILDING EXERCISES The Encyclopedia of Icebreakers (University Associates) says that ice breakers “are tools that enable the group leader to foster interaction, stimulate creative thinking, challenge basic assumptions... Read More »

Building a Productive Workforce

The PRIDE System How to Improve Job Satisfaction and Increase Employee Engagement Employers face dynamic and ever increasing challenges. A global economy of discriminating consumers has placed demands on employers never before seen. Employers face th... Read More »

Ice Breakers and Team Building Exercises

How many meetings have you been to that are just the same old thing -- boring gatherings you cannot wait to leave. Most meetings are poorly managed and non-productive. Read More »

Team Building Exercises and Meeting Icebreakers

Using icebreakers and team building exercises can make meetings and team events more productive, fun and energizing. Read More »

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