Employee Retention: Retaining the Right Talent to Reach the Next Level

FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinPinterestPrintemailIn today’s economy, every business executive, owner, CEO and president should be asking themselves one important question: “Do I have the talent to take this business to the next level?” If the answer ... Read More »

Leadership Training: Are You A Manager or a Leader?

FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinPinterestPrintemail“A leader is a person you will follow to a place you wouldn’t go to by yourself.” –Joel Barker ARE YOU A LEADER OR A MANAGER? Have you ever worked for a boss you had no confiden... Read More »

The Spaghetti Management Syndrome – Good Employees Require Good Managers

FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinPinterestPrintemailWhen an employee quits, many times they don’t quit the company — they quit their manager. I validated this fact in an employee retention survey which showed in 46% of the cases the main reason pe... Read More »

Executive Coaching Program Helps Leaders Improve

FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinPinterestPrintemailI know you realize how competitive the business world is. In order to get ahead, you have to have knowledge — specialized knowledge. Studies repeatedly show people that succeed in life have made ... Read More »

The Sinking of the Titanic: An Analogy of Failed Leadership

FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinPinterestPrintemailTHE SINKING OF THE TITANIC An Analogy of Failed Leadership Gregory P. Smith The Sinking of the Titanic Provides Lessons for Leaders “We have struck iceberg … sinking fast … come to our assistance.” On ... Read More »

Leadership Speaker Focuses on Workforce Trends of the Future

FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinPinterestPrintemailThe American Public Works Association (APWA) is pleased to announce Gregory P. Smith will speak at the annual conference in San Antonio, Texas on September 10-11, 2007. He is speaking on employee reten... Read More »


FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinPinterestPrintemailSAS Best Place to Work Employee retention would not be an issue if all companies treated their employees as well as this company. SAS institute Inc. is a privately held software company located in Nort... Read More »

Leadership Development: Building Trust

FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinPinterestPrintemailBuilding Trust Key Ingredient for Successful Leadership The head of ElectroScientific once said, “Trust is the grease that keeps an organization going.” Trust is a key factor needed for eff... Read More »

Good Bosses Make Good Employees

FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinPinterestPrintemailOne morning at the airport, I overheard an employee talking about her new boss. ?He i?s a nice guy,? she said. ?He makes me feel good about working here.? Like many employees, this young woman is more ... Read More »

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