Leadership Training: Are You A Manager or a Leader?

“A leader is a person you will follow to a place you wouldn’t go to by yourself.” –Joel Barker ARE YOU A LEADER OR A MANAGER? Have you ever worked for a boss you had no confidence in? One of the key trends I am noticing is the... Read More »

The Spaghetti Management Syndrome – Good Employees Require Good Managers

When an employee quits, many times they don’t quit the company — they quit their manager. I validated this fact in an employee retention survey which showed in 46% of the cases the main reason people quit their employer was because of their fir... Read More »

Executive Coaching Program Helps Leaders Improve

I know you realize how competitive the business world is. In order to get ahead, you have to have knowledge — specialized knowledge. Studies repeatedly show people that succeed in life have made their development top priority. Unfortunately, on... Read More »

The Sinking of the Titanic: An Analogy of Failed Leadership

THE SINKING OF THE TITANIC An Analogy of Failed Leadership Gregory P. Smith The Sinking of the Titanic Provides Lessons for Leaders “We have struck iceberg … sinking fast … come to our assistance.” On a cold evening in 1912 that message came blisteri... Read More »

Leadership Speaker Focuses on Workforce Trends of the Future

The American Public Works Association (APWA) is pleased to announce Gregory P. Smith will speak at the annual conference in San Antonio, Texas on September 10-11, 2007. He is speaking on employee retention, employee recruitment, and employee engageme... Read More »


SAS Best Place to Work Employee retention would not be an issue if all companies treated their employees as well as this company. SAS institute Inc. is a privately held software company located in North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park. SAS re... Read More »

Leadership Development: Building Trust

Building Trust Key Ingredient for Successful Leadership The head of ElectroScientific once said, “Trust is the grease that keeps an organization going.” Trust is a key factor needed for effective leadership. What if you woke up one mornin... Read More »

Good Bosses Make Good Employees

One morning at the airport, I overheard an employee talking about her new boss. ?He i?s a nice guy,? she said. ?He makes me feel good about working here.? Like many employees, this young woman is more influenced by her boss’s soft skills than h... Read More »

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