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4 Best Techniques to Recruit New Talent

4 Best Techniques to Recruit New Talent

Few factors are more important to an organization’s success than the quality of its staff. Most companies don’t have the resources to waste on poor performers; hiring represents an enormous investment and choosing the wrong candidate can have dire co... Read More »

Benefits of Choosing a Great Applicant Tracking Platform for Hiring

Benefits of Choosing a Great Applicant Tracking Platform for Hiring

An Applicant Tracking Platform refers to the recruitment software that automates the entire recruitment process. Thus, this software is useful in every stage of recruitment for open positions from screening candidates to scheduling interviews and kee... Read More »

Bad Hiring is an HR Nightmare

Bad Hiring is an HR Nightmare

Posted by Cat Carlos | Nobody Likes a Bad Apple! | PeopleViews – The PeopleClues blog Few things strike more fear in an HR manager’s heart than making a bad hire. And for good reason; bringing a bad fit or bad character applicant into your work cultu... Read More »

‘Fit’ to Hire? eHarmony Matching Employees with Companies

‘Fit’ to Hire? The dating site eHarmony is the latest vendor to enter the hiring arena, with a platform designed to match jobseekers with companies whose cultures best align with their personalities and values. But critics say it can pote... Read More »


When looking at the graphs read your Natural Style graph first. Your Natural Style graph is on the right. This graph describes how you tend to behave naturally in non-stressful conditions. To read your natural graph start with the red “D”... Read More »

Five Strategies for Hiring Success

It’s never been easier to find warm bodies to fill job slots. With the volume of social media and online networking and career sites, connecting with workers is only a matter of searching profiles or placing ads. However, it’s increasingly difficult ... Read More »

Zappos Amazing Company Work Culture

Zappos is one of my favorite places to work. They have mastered managing their with 10 key values. Here is a good video where Tony Hsieh explains the process. Find out more about Zappos and what they do to create a great place to work. Read More »

With So Many Job Openings, Why So Little Hiring? – Bloomberg

With So Many Job Openings, Why So Little Hiring? By Peter Orszag Aug 13, 2013 This is an interesting article from Bloomberg and worth the read.  There has been lots of talk about why hiring keeps lagging.  Is it lack of skills, the Obama adminsitrati... Read More »

Futren’s Strategies for Employee Retention

Businesses in the hospitality and food and beverage industries face many challenges. They ride the ups and downs of the economy more closely than the healthcare, government, or high-tech sectors, and average two to three times the rate of employee tu... Read More »

Hiring (not Firing) for Soft Skills – TTI Success Insights

HIRING (NOT FIRING) FOR SOFT SKILLS By Cindy Rosser When you’re in the process of reviewing potential candidates, it’s easy to fall prey to common biases, especially when you rely on resumes and interviews. According to a study by Michigan State Univ... Read More »

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