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DS Hydraulics | Great Place to Work

DS Hydraulics | Great Place to Work

FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinPinterestPrintemailI always talk about the importance of employee retention. Retention starts by treating your employees with respect and dignity.  Here is an example of one of those businesses. Greg Smith I started work... Read More »

3 Proven Ways Call Centers Can Better Streamline Operations

3 Proven Ways Call Centers Can Better Streamline Operations

FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinPinterestPrintemailCustomer Service is Important to Call Centers Customer service has come a long way. These days, businesses have more options than ever before to customize the live support experience — and technology i... Read More »

Stu Leonard’s Secret for Great Customer Service

Stu Leonard’s Secret for Great Customer Service

FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinPinterestPrintemailAt the front entrance of Stu Leonard’s Grocery Store stands a large boulder. Engraved in the boulder are these words: “Our Policy Rule 1: The customer is always right! Rule 2: If the custom... Read More »

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Top 16 Books for Human Resource and Talent Management Executives

FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinPinterestPrintemail This list includes books that have been selected because they are either extremely popular, frequently referred to, or groundbreaking in business literature. Every HR, OD professional, and management ... Read More »

Success Begins with Quality Customer Service

FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinPinterestPrintemailA recent Bain Capital Customer Loyalty study found that consumers are four times more likely to do business with a company that provides good customer service versus a competitor that offers a lower pr... Read More »

Employee Engagement Survey

FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinPinterestPrintemailConducting employee engagement surveys can be an extremely useful tool to understand exactly how you employees feel about their current state of employment. Large companies such as Waitrose and John Le... Read More »

Zappos Amazing Company Work Culture

FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinPinterestPrintemailZappos is one of my favorite places to work. They have mastered managing their with 10 key values. Here is a good video where Tony Hsieh explains the process. Find out more about Zappos and what they d... Read More »

3 Day Culture Boot Camp – Training – Zappos Insights

FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinPinterestPrintemailThis is an awesome training experience all business people should attend: 3-Day Boot Camp Event If you are a leader who is serious about creating and maintaining positive change in your workplace, the ... Read More »

Cutting Costs/Curtailing Services Can Produce Crappy Customer Service

FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinPinterestPrintemailIn uncertain economic times, it’s common for businesses to focus their time and energies on ways to cut costs.  However, many of the decisions to cut back have generated unintended, and in some cases, ... Read More »

Employee Appreciation | Wegmans Grocery

FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinPinterestPrintemailWhat is your business’ most valuable resource? Its location? Its size? Its technology? Hardly. Despite the value of all of these factors, the resource with the most potential to elevate and drive... Read More »

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