Behavior Assessments

Why Are 2013 Graduates Considered Unprepared?

By Ashley Bowers College Graduates Not Ready for the Workforce? While the National Center for Education Statistics is projecting nearly 1.8 million students to be graduating with bachelor’s degrees this month, a study by Adecco Staffing found that 58... Read More »

Hiring Assessments and the Law

HIRING ASSESSMENTS AND THE LAW – ARE YOU AWARE OF WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW? The ever-changing landscape of employment law is complex enough when working within your area of expertise. The scary thing is what you don’t know. How can you trust an assessment... Read More »

DISC Behavior Report

Our DISC Personalized Report Delivers Important Information The DISC assessment immediately produces a personalized report with valuable information unique to the respondent’s behavior including: • General Characteristics – The individual’s pre... Read More »

More than just DISC

MORE THAN JUST DISC By Ashley Bowers Perhaps you’ve taken a DISC assessment in an educational setting or as part of a team building workshop in your company or department. If so, you’ve experienced what we at TTI Success Insights refer to as a Behavi... Read More »

Hiring (not Firing) for Soft Skills – TTI Success Insights

HIRING (NOT FIRING) FOR SOFT SKILLS By Cindy Rosser When you’re in the process of reviewing potential candidates, it’s easy to fall prey to common biases, especially when you rely on resumes and interviews. According to a study by Michigan State Univ... Read More »

Retain Key Talent and Reduce Turnover – TTI Success Insights

RETAIN KEY TALENT AND REDUCE TURNOVER By Ashley Bowers Filed in Job Benchmarking, Growth Curve, Retention According to a study by WorldatWork, “Retention of key talent – those employees who are the strongest performers, have high potential or are in ... Read More »

Hiring the Wrong Person Spells Financial Disaster

Welcome to your first day at work, says the store manager.” “We are going to have you work in the one-hour photo shop.” It is very important you show up for work on time and please smile and greet each customer.” The very next... Read More »

How to Hire Exceptional People Each and Every Time

Ponder for a moment the last person you hired. After you selected them, did they work out as intended? Or did they turn into somebody totally unlike what you thought when you interviewed them? The most important aspect of any business is recruiting, ... Read More »

DISC Training Workshop

Upcoming DISC Certification & Behavior Assessment Training Our training programs provide you with the skills and knowledge in using our assessments to empower individuals, enhance team performance, select employees and to improve communication. N... Read More »

Last Chance to Sign Up for Employee Retention Teleseminar

DESIGNING AN EMPLOYEE RETENTION STRATEGY TELESEMINAR Five Steps to Reduce Employee Turnover Finding and retaining skilled workers and staff is the number one issue employers face today. Learn how to create a work environment that attracts, keeps, and... Read More »

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