Building the Tallest Tower Team Building Exercise

This is great team building exercise that is suitable for teenagers in class rooms to adults in workplace settings.  I have used this exercise in dozens of team building workshops I have conducted over the years.

This exercise encourages creative problem solving through teamwork.


Here are the rules:

  1. You will be given SEVEN MINUTES to plan and build your tower.
  2. You will have FIVE MINUTES for the actual construction of the tower.
  3. While you plan, you MAY NOT DAMAGE THE CARDS IN ANY WAY, but you MAY SPEAK.
  4. While you build the tower, you may NOT SPEAK to each other.

Materials: 50 3X5 cards. You can substitute with a deck of playing cards of a box of spaghetti.

Time Required: 15 minutes

Group Size: Groups of 4-8 people

Here are some videos of how different teams tackled this exercise.

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