Bright Ideas Campaign Facilitator Guide

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The Bright Ideas Employee Suggestion Campaign Facilitator Guide includes:

    A Step-By-Step Plan To Get Hundreds Of Improvement Ideas In Three Weeks Or Less

    Campaign Objectives

    • Bright Ideas Campaign Procedure
    • A Simple Process to Follow
    • Instant Recognition is Important
    • Total Employee Participation is Key
    • The Bright Ideas Campaign Commander
    • Responsibilities of the Campaign Commander
    • Defining the Groups
    • Identifying the Idea Team Leader
    • Idea Team Leader Responsibilities
    • Idea Team Leaders Meeting
    • Materials For Idea Team Leaders
    • Outline Of Idea Campaign Events

    Pre-Campaign Duties

    • Bright Idea Campaign Publicity
    • Pre-Deployment Week
    • D-Day – First Bright Idea Gathering Week
    • Second and Third Bright Idea Gathering Weeks
    • Post Program
    • Sorting Process
    • Types of Ideas
    • Idea Collection Process

    Some Hints

    • Prepare a Visible Display
    • The Important Role of the CEO
    • The Important Role of the “Top Gun” Implementation Team
    • Selection of “Top Guns” Implementation Team
    • Quick Implementation Is Important

     Appendix A

    •  Suggested Ideas Campaign Materials

     Appendix B

    • Announcement Letters
    • Acknowledgment Letter
    • Memo to CEO
    • Memo from CEO To “Top Gun” Implementors
    • Memo from Campaign Commander to CEO
    • Memo from CEO Informing Leaders of Briefing Meeting
    • Memo to Idea Team Leaders from the CEO

    Appendix C

    • Management Briefing
    • Briefing Script for Managers

     Appendix D

    • Campaign Commander’s Score Sheet Instructions
    • Campaign Score Sheet
    • Campaign Commander’s Log Form Instructions
    • Commander’s Log Sheet
    • Implementation Team Record Instructions
    • Implementation Team Record
    • Implementor’s Progress Report Instructions
    • Implementor’s Progress Report
    • Idea Team Leader’s Record Instructions
    • Idea Team Leader’s Record

    Appendix E

    • Sample Idea Form

    Appendix F

    •  Hints To Consider From Other Campaigns

    Appendix G

    • Idea Flow Chart Process
    • Type I Ideas
    • Idea Flow Chart Process
    • Type II Ideas

    IdeaTracker Employee Suggestion Software (Optional): The IdeaTracker employee suggestion software keeps track of all the ideas submitted during your suggestion and employee involvement Campaign. More information

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