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FW: Google Alert – worker shortage


  Google Blogs Alert for: worker shortage GO must resolve labour difficulties – Toronto StarBy Andrae Griffith(Andrae Griffith) Adding to their post-holiday blues, GO Transit commuters heading to work on the … The system has experienced worker-related slowdowns before, most notably … Problems arise when there is a shortage of crews – people cannot be moved …Visio... Read More »

Team Building Techniques that Motivate Employees

Employee appreciation / Employee Recognition / Job Satisfaction / Reward & Recognition / Team Building

Reward and Recognition Ideas to Build a Motivated Workforce Everyone has had a bad hair day, but how about a bad tie, bad hat or bad shoe day?  More and more companies are putting together contests on the ugliest dressed.  Another company sponsors an annual turkey bowling contest.  Employees go out on the loading dock, take a frozen turkey, and try to knock down as many empty wine bottles as possi... Read More »

Skill Shortages Create a Perfect Storm in the Labor Pool

Human Resource Management / Skill shortages / Surveys and Statistics / Talent Management

The Perfect Storm: The Impending Workforce Crisis In the movie, Perfect Storm, a small fishing vessel has the misfortune of encountering the worst Mother Nature has to offer. Just like this boat, today’s employers are facing a combination of conditions just as threatening as this boat faced on the high seas. If businesses don’t prepare today they could face a similar misfortune. Over t... Read More »

High Performance Teams

Job Satisfaction / Talent Management / Team Building

This morning you arrived at work early to check on a special project. As you enter the building you hear excited voices coming down the hall. As you walk through the office door, Mary, your Sales Manager, notices the surprised expression on your face. She says, “Hi boss! I took care of that project you gave me yesterday and it is running great. We will exceed our sales goals again this year!... Read More »

Employee Retention Tips

Employee Retention / Human Resource Management

Employee Retention Tips and Ideas Each year U.S. businesses spend billions of dollars recruiting and replacing their employees. Individually, it costs between $2-11K to replace an hourly employee, and upwards to $40,000 to replace a manager. One Silicon Valley company estimates the cost of replacing an employee is over $225,000. As you know, it is getting difficult to attract and keep skilled empl... Read More »

Good Bosses Make Good Employees

Employee Retention / Human Resource Management / Leadership / Leadership Keynote Speaker / Leadership Speaker

One morning at the airport, I overheard an employee talking about her new boss. ?He i?s a nice guy,? she said. ?He makes me feel good about working here.? Like many employees, this young woman is more influenced by her boss’s soft skills than his technical skills. His interpersonal skills were what mattered most: including his ability to communicate, motivate and showing genuine concern. The... Read More »

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