The Best Icebreakers and Teambuilding Exercises Book

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Energize your meetings and training programs with our incredible collection of 85 team building activities and icebreakers.

85 Incredible Team Building Exercises and Activities

It is cram-packed with new and stimulating activities to make your meetings, classes and workshops come alive and make you a team building ALLSTAR at every event.

This book is not just another compilation found on the web, but many of these icebreakers and exercises have been designed and crafted just for this book by it’s author. Facilitators and trainers rave about this book and use it in their sessions everywhere.

Team Activities for Every Situation

The variety of exercises included vary from as short as 10-15 minutes in length up to 45 minutes. There are simple, easy-to-do icebreakers suitable for students as well as other team exercises for adults in a corporate environment. Each exercise is a vehicle for team members to have fun, learn about each other, discuss and provide a platform to solve organizational issues and learn new skills. There is an exercise suitable for almost every setting or situation.

Trainers will find this book well organized and easy to use making workshop development simpler, quicker and generate the right results for any scenario.

The book is divided into seven sections:tallest tower exercise

  • Quick Icebreakers & Introductions
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Listening Activities
  • Funny Stories and Exercises
  • Team Building Exercises
  • DISC Workshop and Training Exercises
  • Additional Resources

youtubeAs an added benefit, several activities have links to YouTube videos.

Create Exciting Meetings and Team Building Programs Today!

  • Make your classes and meetings fun!
  • Make your meetings productive, motivating and exciting!
  • Improve communication
  • Foster creativity and innovation
  • Help resolve conflicts between people
  • Build strong team building skills
  • Enhance cohesiveness
  • Recognize everyone’s unique talent and abilities
  • Sharpen problem-solving skills
  • Save Yourself Time!

Activities include:

Quick Icebreakers & Introductions

Top Ten Reasons People Get Terminated
A Great Day for Hats!
The Pig Drawing Game
Pick a Card, Pick a Team
Letters and Names
This is Ridiculous
The Napkin Game
The Multi-Colored Stone Exercise
Name the Person Group Ball Toss
Quick Meeting Icebreakers
Introduce the Person Next To You
Shape Formers
Toilet Paper Tango
Truth or Consequences
Secret Agent
Roll the Dice
Empty Chair
Playing Card Introductions
$100,000 Exercise
Want Ads
Let Me Introduce You
The Worst Automobile I Ever Owned
Your Worst/First Job
Interesting Introductions
Remember My Name

Creativity and Innovation

Top Ten Review
What Do I (We) Want In Life? What Are My Values?
Top Ten Managerial Time Wasters
The Pride and Dream Game
What’s Your Role?
I Believe I Can Fly
Creative DNA
Roadblocks to Creativity
Who Is the Best Boss?
Dollar Exchange Idea
A Bag Full of Money
Story Boards
Creating A Great Best Place to Work
The Car


This Is Me!
Putting People in Four corners
Choose Your Color
Building the Tallest Tower
What’s Your Meeting Style?
Four Behavior (DISC) Factors

Funny Stories and Exercises

The Art of Raising Pigs
New Restroom Policy
Clothing Standards for Casual Friday

Communication and Listening Activities

My Secret Identity
Picture Power
Everyone Get in Line
Three People Talking at the Same Time
Paper Tearing and Communication Exercise
Balloon Game
BOHICA Airline Company
Can You Help Mary?
Dictator or Delegator
The Dialogue

Team Building Exercises

The Great Ping Pong Ding Dong Challenge
Tower of Straws
Make a Coat of Arms
The Oxymoron Challenge
The Elevator Challenge
Our Company Culture – What Do You Think?
Building Bridges
Alphabet Bingo
Crash in Piranha Valley
Puzzle Pieces
The Masters: Golf Ball in the Bag
Scavenger Hunt
Space Mission to the Moon Exercise
Direction Sheet for Scoring
Torpedo Weapons Loading Exercise



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Icebreakers and Teambuilding ExercisesIcebreakers & Team Building Exercises – E-Book Version

  • Co-Operation
  • Crash in Piranha Valley
  • Golf Ball in the Bag
  • Space Mission to the Moon
  • Torpedo Weapons Loading Exercise
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Terrorist Toxic Explosive Situation

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