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The ever-changing landscape of employment law is complex enough when working within your area of expertise. The scary thing is what you don’t know. How can you trust an assessment provider to help you stay compliant when the laws, and sometimes more importantly case laws, are changing so rapidly?

Many lawsuits have very little to do with the use of assessments within an organization. Typically there is another cause for the lawsuit, and then assessments as well as all other employment practices come under scrutiny. This is why it is so important to be partnered with an assessment provider that is compliant and has dedicated resources to maintaining its compliance.

In a world where employees are feeling empowered to bring about litigation and “bad press” through social media and other avenues, how do organizations protect themselves? Decisions are being forced to be made based on financial and brand impact versus principles and what’s right. The question becomes how can an organization make principle-based decisions without negatively impacting their brand or spending endless legal dollars fighting for what’s right?

Here are five tips for effectively managing your legal risk when utilizing assessments.

Job-related – All employment practices, including assessments, must be job-related.

Free of Adverse Impact – Documented proof that the assessment tools do not discriminate based on gender, ethnicity, disability status or veteran status.

Consistency in Use – Assessments must be used in a consistent way. This isn’t to say “all or nothing”, just consistent within each hiring or development situation.

Internal, Company Specific Validation – An assessment provider should be willing to run an internal predictability and adverse impact study based on the use of their assessments within a specific organization.

Constant Review – Government agencies require “periodic” monitoring of assessment and employment practices. Proof of the ongoing concentration on compliance from an assessment provider is required.

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