Innovative Leadership Assessment

A leader is a person that inspires you to take a journey to a destination you would not go to by yourself. The traditional manager who maintains status quo leaving what he found will not be effective in today’s environment. Today’s business challenges revolve around change, innovation, passion and creativity. I developed the “Innovative Leadership Self-Assessment” as a self-evaluation tool for those wanting to know what competencies lead to business success now and in the future.

As times change, leadership skills must also change. What was successful in the past is still relevant, but may not be everything needed for the future. Use this assessment to rate yourself. You can also give it to others and have them provide you an honest appraisal.

Scoring directions below.


Scoring Directions-Rate yourself or your organization on a score of 1(lowest)–5 (highest) for each item. This assessment can also be used as a peer assessment by others on your standing in the organization.


Excellent 55-50

Good 49-44

Average 43-33

Needs Improvement 32-0