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Benefits of Choosing a Great Applicant Tracking Platform for Hiring

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Benefits of Choosing a Great Applicant Tracking Platform for Hiring

An Applicant Tracking Platform refers to the recruitment software that automates the entire recruitment process. Thus, this software is useful in every stage of recruitment for open positions from screening candidates to scheduling interviews and keeping track of the candidates’ movement through the process. The major advantage of the applicant tracking platform is precision. That is, it can search the candidates and reduce the time as well as effort spent scanning profiles and hiring.

With this resume sorting software, large recruiting organizations are able to have massive placements that they have invested in heavily. Even then, the challenge that most of the companies are experiencing with ATS is that the solutions are not keeping up with the job seeker and dynamic user demands particularly in terms of technology.

Some of the benefits of using a great Applicant Tracking System include the following:

Modern Methodology

In the wake of technology driven era, applicants are keen on following up your process of hiring candidates. Thus, when candidates are on the receiving end of the modern tracking system they can be confident in the company. In addition, this also increases their chances of accepting an offer. Some of the features that go a long way in making an impression on potential candidates include an automated follow up process, easy and mobile friendly application process, above average communication and social engagement.

Simplicity and Usability

A great applicant tracking platform tends to hide the complexity of its sophisticated and rich functionality by offering a simplified user interface that makes everything easy to do. The platform should allow your team to accomplish much more than store applicant information and resumes. An ideal applicant tracking system will not only serve as a collaborative hiring platform streamlining the process of the team but also build and manage a reliable recruitment funnel.

Team collaboration

A good applicant tracking system will serve as an interface between all the stakeholders involved throughout the hiring process. As such, it should help in refining the company’s employer brand, make the application process simpler and attract candidates. In addition, it should make the process of working with external recruitment agency partners simple, as and when needed. Using a good applicant tracking platform that has great access control functionality lets stakeholders work on their tasks from wherever they are and at whatever time while taking advantage of the collaborative capabilities of this platform.


Your team can maximize the benefits of the applicant tracking system by opting for a modern, cloud based solution. The past decade has seen a surge in the number of employment listings, ads have been tailored for mobile devices and social media has now taken a major role in the employee recruitment process as well as a platform for employers to build their brand. The applicant tracking system must offer fast response times with modern cloud based technology being a must-have for a fast paced applicant management process.

Detailed Functionality

When you choose a great applicant tracking system, you can be sure to enjoy detailed functionality. That is, not only will you be able to keep track of the recruiting performance of different sources but also grant you access to multiple sourcing channels like social media, job boards and employee referrals. The system will also allow you to respond to unexpected changes quickly, access analytics that offer insight on your recruitment performance to enable you make the right adjustments to make the process better. These will give you a competitive advantage to turn your recruitment into a sustainable and successful process.

Data Driven

A great applicant tracking system uses data driven approach at every stage of the hiring process to ensure users are adequately informed on relevant activity so that they can take action when needed. This data driven approach is not all about tracking candidate activity, but also selects events that may be configured to send out notifications when necessary.

Structured and Organized

A great applicant tracking platform guarantees a structured and organized hiring process. The hiring team can house data in one system, generate scores and rankings for easy and quick reference, making the process smooth.

Getting more out of your Applicant Tracking System

The applicant tracking system is the backbone of most large recruiting organizations. As such, to make the most of this tool, you will do well to augment it to meet job applicant and recruiter requirements and expectations. With proper integration, you can provide functionalities and capabilities like job notifications, responsive web design, talent networks, advanced search and much more.

Choosing the right applicant tracking system is not an easy task owing to the complexity of financial and technical factors that must be taken into account. Even then, when you have your needs defined then you can be sure to enjoy the selection process.

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