6 Tips for Staying Productive While Your Business Grows

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6 Tips for Staying Productive While Your Business Grows

One of the top challenges facing business leaders today is productivity. As your business grows, it can be increasingly hard to keep tabs of the staff’s overall productivity and maximize human resources. If you’re looking to grow your business by improving your productivity, here are six tips to help your staff get more done in the day and be more accountable for the tasks at hand.

1. Set Goals

Setting goals is the easiest way to start improving your overall productivity. Prioritize your most important goals first. See if there are any tasks that can be delegated so that you can focus on the most important tasks first. Once you know your goals, break them up into small tasks that can be easily completed. Avoid multi-tasking because it’s not as effective as people tend to think. It actually often leads to more inefficiency.

2. Eliminate Paper

Going digital by eliminating office paperwork can help you dramatically increase productivity. Rather than storing your data on your desk, opt instead to store it in the cloud. A small business has enough to worry about without the hassle of running around trying to find important papers or worrying about what might’ve happened to missing papers. With a cloud storage option, you can be secure in knowing your data will be safe and protected.

3. Consider a Conference Calling Platform

A centralized, user-friendly conference-calling platform can help maintain productivity in collaborative projects. When your employees aren’t all in the same office, it can be difficult to schedule meetings or discuss project milestones or issues. With a conference-calling platform, you can host regular conference calls whenever you need to without going through the headache of pre-scheduling. Conference calling solutions can help you better manage, simplify and document important internal and client-facing calls. You can even connect to a call using your smartphone.

4. Master Time Management.

Managing your time well is crucial to your company’s success. Finding ways to complete tasks in a timely manner – and according to your set goals – can help your business grow tremendously. Creating a to-do list can help you organize and prioritize tasks. Taking small breaks throughout the day can help improve focus and subsequently, your overall productivity. So learn to manage your time better and you’ll start to see results.

5. Use the 80-20 Analysis

Senior marketing manager, Lindsey Havens of PhishLabs recommends using the 80-20 analysis, meaning evaluating your productivity by scheduling a monthly analysis. This exercise will help you highlight the most important things to focus on by determining 20 percent of the activities that are producing 80 percent of your results. You’ll also look at the 20 percent of activities wasting 80 percent of your time. Havens states that once you find the overlap, you can begin to eliminate anything that’s keeping you busy without offering up any results. This technique will not only help you increase your productivity, but your sales as well.

6. Eliminate or Reduce Email Usage

Checking email has become such a detriment to the productivity of the modern office worker. While it may not seem like it, checking email multiple times throughout the day and severely cut into your productivity. Try to minimize email use by avoiding checking it whenever you get an alert. Instead, turn off alerts and focus on what you’re doing. Only check your email during scheduled times throughout the day to improve focus and efficiency.

Growing your business requires time and effort and becoming more productive will only help your company in the long run. Finding ways to maximize productivity throughout your office will help you get more accomplished and be one step closer to getting your business to the next developmental phase. So keep these tips in mind as you determine what productivity measures will work for your company.

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