4 Aspects Job Seekers Are Looking for in 2019

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4 Aspects Job Seekers Are Looking for in 2019

Business owners and those in the HR department may believe that if they offer great pay and a solid benefits package, employees will come flocking to their door looking for jobs. While these are positive perks to working for your company, many job seekers are looking for other attractive perks when deciding where to apply for work.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at the top four aspects job seekers will be looking for in a working environment this year.

A healthy work-life balance

As Inc. notes, one of the most popular trends in employee perks for 2019 is a focus on a healthy work-life balance. For instance, offering a 35-hour work week instead of the usual 40 hours is a great place to start; since not too many other companies are offering this type of schedule, you will automatically become more attractive as a place to apply. If you are concerned that taking away five hours of work time a week per person will result in less productivity, the opposite will probably occur. Employees who feel like the owners care about their happiness and who are more well-rested and relaxed may perform at a higher level when they are at work and will adopt a “quality versus quantity” approach to their tasks.

A good workplace security plan

Another aspect that employees are looking for in 2019 is a workplace that is safe and secure. A workplace surveillance system that helps detect when visitors arrive can help to increase one’s sense of personal security in the office. As GetKisi.com notes, employees who work at a secure job site are happier and tend to be more productive; you want your team to feel at ease when they are at work, and assure them that you have a system in place to insure just that. If you do not already have a security camera system set up, Lorex Technology offers a wide range of affordable and easy-to-install cameras that capture great footage both during the day and at night. For example, their 4K Ultra HD Resolution Optical Zoom IP Camera offers up to 250 feet of night vision, which may help set your employees minds at ease if they are working in the office during night time hours. It can detect who is arriving at the company at all hours and help your team to feel safe and secure while at work.

Employee engagement

Employee engagement refers to the level of emotional connection and commitment that your employees have to your company. As Learn.G2Crowd.com notes, an HR department can use employee engagement software to track feedback from their employees about what they like and wish to improve upon at work, recognize various achievements and promote positive feelings and work. You can adopt this type of feedback program now and let applicants know that you solicit this type of information from your employees to be sure that people are engaged with your company; in addition, you can help encourage this by offering chances to advance in their careers within your company and providing outstanding training opportunities.

Wellness initiatives that focus on financial and mental health

Another attractive aspect that applicants will be looking for in 2019 is some type of corporate wellness program. This type of program can include help for employees who are feeling stressed out about finances or who are dealing with anxiety, both at work or at home. Of course, your wellness program can still include your teams physical health, but if you can add in workshops, either online or in person and other tools that will help your employees feel better about their finances and less stressed while in the office, you can use this as a perk to attract applicants.

Employee desires have definitely evolved

What employees are looking for at work has changed over time; it now goes well beyond a 9-to-5 workday and a steady paycheck. By adopting a shorter work day and a security plan that keeps everyone safe while at work to keeping employees mentally and physically healthy while at in the office, you will probably see a definite uptick in applicants who would love to work at your company.

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