360 Degree Performance Evaluation


360 feedback assessments are powerful tools for helping individuals
improve, grow, and develop their interpersonal skills. Our assessment
gathers information from several people about an individual's performance
as seen by his/her boss, self, peers, direct reports, and customers.
Traditional performance evaluations are subjective and one-sided. Most
traditional evaluation systems are ineffective in providing honest and
objective feedback.

A better way is the 360-Degree feedback assessment process. No matter
what position you hold in a company, it is important to understand how
others (boss, team, peers and customers) perceive your effectiveness as a
leader–strengths and weaknesses. 360-Degree input from supervisors,
co-workers, clients and direct reports is valuable in improving
organizational and individual performance.

Personalized Approach and Assistance

Many organizations choose us to conduct 360 assessments on their senior
level managers and executives. As an option, we can personal coaching to
the rated individual. This is provided by Greg Smith, President, Chart
Your Course International. He will assist the rated individual in
developing an action plan in a confidential and professional manner.

Key Aspects of a 360 Degree Feedback Assessment Process

We conduct individual assessments, which includes input from 7-15
respondents directly on the Internet. We can provide either a
standardized or a customized assessment. The standardized assessment
consists of approximately 60 questions. The assessment is conducted via
the Internet and we provide you a final report with these key features:

Mean Average
Gap Size Analysis
Open Ended Questions
Development Plan
Overall Results
Overall Importance Ratings
Strengths by Rater Group
Developmental Needs by Rater Group
Strengths by Frequency of Occurrence
Developmental Needs by Frequency
Online Delivery
Multiple Languages
Coaching (optional)
Why is 360 Degree Feedback Better Than Traditional Evaluations?

Studies show 360 degree feedback assessments can have a positive economic
impact when used for leader development. A study by J. Folkman showed the
relationship between turnover and leadership effectiveness. He showed
effective leaders have lower turnover of employees under them. Another
study showed performance-based assessments and development can result in
a 6 standard deviation improvement in employee performance, yielding a
return on investment as high as 700%

How does it work?

The process is simple. We provide you a secure webpage where the
questions are listed. The rated individual scores him/herself, along with
their boss, and peer group. After all scorings are received, we provide
you and the rated individual a printed report or access to a webpage
listing the ratings summary.

More information provided at:

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