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3 Ways to Make Your Workplace More Accessible

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3 Ways to Make Your Workplace More Accessible

For managers and business owners, there is no excuse for not having a working environment that complies with the standards of all types of employees. People who are disabled in any way, whether they suffer from hearing or slight loss, have physical movement issues, or have autism, should still be able to carry out a job successfully. Unfortunately, research published by NPR shows that those with disabilities struggle to find employment, even though the population of people with disabilities is rising.

This fact means that is increasingly important for companies to make the right adjustments to their workplace in ways that encourage optimal accessibility for all employees. Creating a mobility friendly environment and adopting business methods that can allow all employees to succeed in their roles is crucial to the modern workplace. Here are three ways to make any workplace more accessible:

  1. Provide natural supports

There are a variety of natural supports that companies can bring into the workplace for the benefit of the entire staff. Natural supports include anything that can help an individual with a disability be more independent and autonomous in the workplace. Adding things as simple as a digital clock, a posted calendar or schedule on the wall, and office supplies with labels are all surefire ways to assist employees in learning their work routines. Plus, these supports are helpful for everyone, making new employees feel more integrated quickly.

  1. Promote effective communication

In any workplace, employees should always be trying to communicate as effectively as possible, and the need to do so increases with disabled employees on staff. All employees should have a foundational level of understanding when communicating with customers, clients, or coworkers who may have special needs. Planning a short meeting to address the best ways of communicating with a diverse range of people can help to make everyone more aware. Also, it is worthwhile to teach all employees that disabilities come in many forms—some visible, some invisible—and all cases should be treated with equal respect.

  1. Make Your Website More Simple

One of the ways to recruit employees of all backgrounds is to make the company website as user-friendly as possible. If a company is seeking out employees with disabilities to add diversity to the staff and test the accessibility of the workplace, it is vital for the website to clearly state these intentions. A website is oftentimes the initial point of contact for interested employees, meaning that it must be interactive for people with disabilities. Providing audio options or extra images in place of text can also further the website’s accessibility.

By supporting a work environment that offers employees of all degrees of capabilities the opportunity to succeed, companies can establish a community that is well connected. Promoting natural supports, methods of effective communication, and a user-friendly website are all great ideas for a business hoping to retain employees with disabilities and inspire new candidates to apply.

By Lucy Wyndham


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