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This is an awesome training experience all business people should attend:

3-Day Boot Camp Event

If you are a leader who is serious about creating and maintaining positive change in your workplace, the 3-Day Boot Camp is for you. The three days that you will spend with the Zappos Family will give you a full immersive experience, allowing you to learn and live the Zappos culture.  And then here comes the really cool part! You’ll get key takeaways that will assist you in cultivating your own company culture, get all of your questions answered, and have a lot of fun while doing it.

Price: $6,000 per person

Meet with our CEO Tony Hsieh and “No Title” Fred Mossler during a Q&A session. They’re crazy busy guys, but we’ll get to snag them away for a quick meeting with you.

As a bonus, attend the Zappos Family All Hands meeting and see our culture come together. We’ll celebrate at an exciting happy hour, too!

What You Will Learn

* Values Discovery: The process of identifying your own core values.

* Hiring and Recruiting: How to align your recruiting process with your values and hire for culture fit.

* Training & Staff Development: See how the training team integrates culture into new hire training and talent development.

* Coaching for Greatness: Learn how the goals coaching program leads to happier and more fulfilled employees.

* Customer Service: Listen to live phone calls to see how our reps make customers happy.

* WOWing!: Learn how Zappos delivers WOW customer service to keep 75% repeat customers.

* Employee Engagement: Learn how empowering employees can help scale your business and culture.

What’s included?

Three nights’ hotel accommodations, transportation during the boot camp, breakfast and lunch for each day, and one dinner with the Insights team. Learning and fun is included.

See how Roma Moulding transformed their culture

via 3 Day Culture Boot Camp – Training – Zappos Insights.

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