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I know you realize how competitive the business world is. In order to get ahead, you have to have knowledge — specialized knowledge. Studies repeatedly show people that succeed in life have made their development top priority. Unfortunately, only a few organizations invest their resources in your personal or professional development. If you are going to get ahead, you have to take responsibility for your success.

If you have enjoyed my Navigator Newsletter, website, discounts, lessons and articles, then you will benefit from my special member’s only Voyageur Business Coaching Program.

Expand your horizons and get the advice you need to achieve success

I want to provide you a special opportunity to move to a higher level of personal and professional excellence. Each year I receive thousands of requests from people asking for my advice. My hourly fees are in the hundreds of dollars, now you can get my advice for a fraction of that cost on a monthly basis.

Whether you are wanting to become a better leader, start or grow your business, or learn how to create a high performance organization that attracts, retains, and engages its employees — this special program has something very valuable to offer.

Here is what you will receive as a Member of the Voyageur Business Coaching Program

I’ll give you over dozens of E-books, reports, articles, webinars, conference calls, discounts, and a Members Only website worth over $1200.

1. The Navigator Newsletter — this is already free . . . Two times a month you will get valuable tips and advice on leadership, retention, customer service, and growing your business. Over 70 back issues are also available.

2. Members Only Teleconferences/Webinars — Several times a year you will be able to call in and take part in a business coaching “Members Only” teleconference with me on topics ranging from personal development, hiring, assessments, business management, leadership, job satisfaction, etc.

3. Consulting Call-In Days — During the month you will have several opportunities to call me and discuss any question or issue you are dealing with. You can also Email me with your questions.

4. Member’s Only Website — This is where I put the good stuff. You will find additional articles, surveys, white papers, research and tons of other vital information to help you grow your business and improve your skills. Here are just a couple sample reports available on the website.

  • Report on “How to Reduce Absenteeism and Improve Attendance at Work.” — Turnover and absenteeism are major issues for most organizations. As the economy improves, absenteeism will become an even bigger problem. Absenteeism has increased by 14% since 1992. It costs employers $603 a day for each day an employee is out. In Canada alone, absenteeism costs an alarming $10 billion a year. This report will help you understand what causes absenteeism and provides ideas on how to treat it.
  • Report on “How to Increase Job Satisfaction: So Your Workforce is Happier and More Productive” — Good leaders create a clear sense of direction and purpose. They do so by creating an alignment between the individual and the organization. It isn’t easy; in fact, it takes plenty of energy and emotion to help people see how their contributions make a difference. But clear purpose and direction—clear alignment—is a powerful strategy in today’s changing workforce.

5. 401 Proven Ways to Retain Your Best Employees E-book. — Ten years of research has gone into the writing this book. Packed with loads of practical advice, tips, case studies, suggestions, and examples that not only retain, but also engage and make your people as productive as possible. No matter what industry you work in, this book provides solutions to attract and retain your best employees and help you become a business place everyone wants to work for.

6. Icebreakers & Team Building Games & Exercises E-book — I have compiled my favorite exercises, games, and techniques into a 70-page book. This best selling book is jam-packed with innovative ideas and exercises to make your meetings, classes, and workshops come alive and make you a HERO with your group. Contains over 64 icebreakers and teambuilding activities designed to make your classes and meetings fun, improve communication, and make your meetings productive and motivating.

7. Supervisor’s Passport to Success: A Quick and Easy Resource Guide for Managing People E-book. — This book has been designed for busy managers and supervisors who need quick and practical solutions to managing people. It contains streamlined information such as checklists, fact sheets, and easy-to-use outlines, providing you accurate advice at your fingertips. This book shows the steps to follow and reveals the answers to many of the most demanding people issues you face in a succinct and time-saving fashion.

8. Special Discounts and Bonuses: You will also receive special discounts on my products, seminars, and other educational events.

5% Discount
Voyageur members receive a 5% discount on my consulting services and speaking fees. This benefit alone is worth many times over the annual membership investment … in addition to your personal growth, increased sales and productivity will increase from using my ideas and advice.

10% Discount
Voyageur members receive 20% off my books and materials. Make sure you call your order in to receive the discount and tell us you are a member. You will receive a special coupon code to use on our online store.

15% Discount
Voyageur members receive a 15% discount off any of my private, one-on-one, coaching programs.

20% Discount

You also get a 20% discount off any public seminar, bootcamps or leadership academies I conduct in the United States.

Iron Clad Guarantee

Finally, I will absolutely GUARANTEE your satisfaction. If, after receiving your bonuses, books, special reports, and your first issue of Bottom Line Business, you do not wish to continue — for any reason — you can cancel at any time. No questions asked.

Best regards,

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