Tricia Neves, CPBA, CPVA, CAIA

Tricia Neves, CPBA, CPVA, CAIA

Tricia Neves is a recruiting and selection specialist. She is a recognized leader in teaching companies how to select, attract and retain the best talent for their organizations.

Tricia is a Certified Professional Behavioral and Values Analyst and also holds a certification in the renowned TriMetrix™ System. These certifications have been awarded by Target Training International Ltd., the world leader of fully validated computerized assessments. Her vast experience, coupled with her down to earth approach has made her an in-demand facilitator, trainer, and consultant. She is also a member of Target Training International’s Chairman’s Club in recognition of Sales Excellence and high professional standards of ethics.

She has taught hundreds of business owners, leaders and managers her system for developing highly effective leadership and management solutions. It is not uncommon for Tricia’s clients to experience a $100,000 positive hit to their bottom line in less than 30 days after implementing her recommendations.

Tricia also creates and delivers personal development courses for employees to increase their skills and their value to their company. Consequently, the training and development programs offered by Tricia result in a “win-win” situation for both the employee and the employer. The employee wins by increasing personal skills, and the employer wins by growing effective, motivated, and productive staff.

Tricia’s straight forward style, ability to relate to her client’s often times complex hiring challenges and highly relevant and results-driven hiring processes has made her a popular and valuable go-to asset for the decision makers of companies she was worked with.

Selecting the perfect person by design, not by gut reaction ensures that you will only see the candidates who are a talent match for the job. Our assessment process reveals the 37 hidden factors that will automatically identify the candidates who are right for the job and your company because their natural behavior, motivators and personal skills are an ideal match for what the job requires.

The Process

  • We benchmark the job and identify the behavioral traits, motivators and personal skills needed to do the job at superior performance levels
  • We write and place job advertisements on specific job boards
  • We search our fulfillment center’s existing database for qualified applicants
  • All candidates are assessed with a 37 factor personal talent assessment that is used to compare them to a job benchmark
  • We incorporate demographic criteria based on the needs of the job, which limits the need to review resume after resume
  • Industry and Custom benchmarks can be loaded into the system
  • We market for the “passive” and “active” candidates