Job Satisfaction Survey Task Quotient™ Assessment

The TTI Task Quotient™ report is a unique and simple online assessment that quickly determines what task types the job calls for and what task types the individual prefers. By ensuring a match between the two, you can create alignment between the job and the employee. If alignment does not exist, it can lead to decreased productivity, stress, low engagement, poor performance and employee turnover.

Task Quotient, TTI, Task Quotient AssessmentThe TQ assessment report defines:

  • Ideal/preferred mixture of task types
  • Current job’s actual mixture of task types
  • Current job’s optimal mixture of task types
  • The change needed for each task type to move you from actual to ideal (preferred) state
  • Change needed for each task type to move your current job to an optimal (efficient) state
  • Current level of job satisfaction
  • An action plan methodology that you can individually use to improve your job satisfaction. This plan can be extended to discussions/recommendations with your boss for improved team member utilization

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Report Sample

TTI Task Quotient Development Report