Leadership Development Programs

business teamwork on puzzle piecesDoes Your Company Need Good Leaders?  It is Time to Develop Your Talent

Can you quantify Steve Jobs’ impact on Apple? Or how Jeffrey P. Bezos transformed Amazon.com into a top online retailer. Or why The Coca-Cola Co. is grooming three different executives to succeed current CEO Muhtar Kent? Great leaders matter. They drive success – and leadership programs grow and groom great leaders.

Leaders create a winning corporate culture. A great leader makes difficult times bearable and good times better. They inspire loyalty and teamwork and push for innovation. These benefits make your business flexible, profitable and productive.

Leadership programs retain top talent. As the economy recovers, numerous HR experts predict a wave of “pent-up turnover.” Many employees feel overworked and underpaid due to the draconian measures adopted by businesses after the 2008 recession. Consider these statistics.

  • Eighty-four percent of employees said they planned to search for a new job in 2012. (Right Management November 2011 survey)
  • Thirty-four percent of HR managers report voluntary turnover is up since 2011, with exiting employees complaining of burnout, long hours and stalled compensation. (CareerBuilder 2012 Job Forecast Report)
  • Thirty percent of employers lost top performers in 2011, while 43 percent were concerned that number will continue to rise. (Careerbuilder 2012 Job Forecast Report)

Leadership programs bolster new managers. More than half new front line managers fail during their first two years. (Business Wire 2011 survey) Equip your rising executives with the training to help them succeed. New supervisors may start out confident, but when faced with tough problems and difficult personalities, they flounder. A leadership development program supports new leaders and gives them the tools they need to succeed.

Leadership programs elevate current managers. The best leaders are perpetual learners. The best leaders lead by example and develop their team members. Leadership development programs foster these characteristics and help managers reach their potential. Moreover, leadership development programs show current managers that the company cares about their growth.

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