Employee Engagement

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Employee Engagement
Do You Care About Me?

Gallup began measuring employee engagement in the 1990’s. In June 2013, only 30% of the workforce were fully engaged in their jobs. Since then many companies have tried to defeat worker apathy by implementing various programs and other initiatives. Despite these efforts most organizations have only seen a two-point increase over the past couple of years. Dr. Jim Harter, Gallup’s engagement guru, says traditional leadership is one of the biggest deflaters of employee engagement. Gallup’s research shows the genesis of highly engaged employees boils down to one key factor. “Engagement largely comes down to whether people have a manager who cares about them, grows them and appreciates them.” Managers are losing the battle for two reasons. They either do not understand how to motivate people to accelerate their performance. Or they do not know all the factors that influence employee engagement.We have some employee engagement resources that may help your organization.

1) Monitor & Improve employee engagement tool

2) Employee engagement training program

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