DISC Training Graduates

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DISC Certification Training – Graduates

Receive Chart Your Course International’s DISC Training and become certified in the world’s most popular behavior and DISC personality assessment and employee development tools.

Become a Certified DISC Facilitator and accredited to purchase DISC products, administer your own reports and conduct DISC training. You receive training and certification in both the basic and advanced DISC assessment and have access to over 25 varieties of personality profiles and DISC assessments.

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We want to congratulate the following individuals who have completed our DISC certification program.

Congratulations to the DISC Certification Training Class of 2016

  • Ray Vasquez
  • Paul Schulls
  • Leah Gutmann
  • Gena Fisher
  • Penny Phelps, CPBA
  • Christina Earl
  • Brandon Walker
  • Monica Stinson
  • Elaine Kendrick
  • Anila Din
  • Julie Derene
  • Debra Galermeau
  • Garry Oosthuizen
  • Donna Lanciers
  • Colleen Hamilton
  • Diane Craver
  • Jeanelle Weihert
  • PJ Johnson
  • Algirdas Tamasuskas

Congratulations to the DISC Certification Training Class of 2015

  • Michele Bull, CPBA
  • Amanda Moore, CPBA
  • Joyce Singleton, CPMA
  • Jacqueline Passley
  • Roseanne Maiman
  • Annetta Johnson, CPBA
  • Janelle Viruet
  • Martin Thame
  • Becky Bates
  • Cynthia LeMay
  • Rachel Schaefer
  • Elisabeth Winter
  • Lisa Sealy
  • Makeba Jackson
  • Nichole M. Brownlee, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
  • Dawn Neet
  • Sandra Losemann
  • Dave Barnett,CPBA
  • Phil Spiniello
  • Debbie Rake, CPBA
  • Claudia Cooper, CPBA
  • Laura Bruno, CPMA
  • Gabriella Cochrane
  • Steph Huber
  • Felix Garcia
  • Bobbi Chapman, PHR, CPBA
  • Austin Miller
  • Karen Evenson
  • Elliott C Forsythe
  • David Zaino
  • Annie Laterza
  • Janell Snipes
  • Kathryn Snyder
  • Pamela DeLise
  • Kathryn Meyers
  • Mary Paul

Congratulations to the DISC Certification Training Class of 2014

  • Heidi Zdrojeski
  • Ignatius Anyanwu
  • Ursula Hildebrandt
  • LaMarsha Williams
  • Jessica Larson
  • Brian Spencer
  • Jill Sussman
  • Jeff Kaplan
  • Peter Capezio
  • Sue Stein
  • Clarissa Cullers
  • Karen Beck
  • Mallory Stevenson
  • Stacie Englemann
  • Amy Hamilton
  • Kathleen Davenport
  • Melissa A. Lutz, SPHR, CPBA
  • Thomas Ward
  • Holly ODonnell
  • Douglas James, CPBA
  • Tina Haynes, CPBA
  • Nekita Eubanks, CPBA
  • Brian Spencer, CPBA
  • Mary Rokos
  • Ann Delnegro
  • Susan Grunin
  • Dr. Christine Oh, DDS
  • Stacey Christini
  • Peter Capezio
  • Mirna Colon
  • Leslie Gorman
  • Monica Elliott
  • Andre Marks
  • Amy McMichael
  • Lisette Smith
  • Dr. Kimberly Graham
  • Arianne Weiner, Ph.D.
  • Jenifer Takagi
  • Alan Baquet, Ph.D.

Congratulations to the DISC Certification Training Class of 2013

  • Timothy Wong
  • Diana Brooks, CPBA
  • Shannon Studden
  • Anita Webb
  • Ben Nodar
  • Jennifer Hannah
  • Jenn O’Brien, CPBA
  • Michele Hubler
  • Carron Bartley
  • Derek Pender
  • Edward Lisoski
  • Linda Torakis
  • Bethany Huard
  • Michael Clarensau
  • Andrea Ahlsen
  • Joanne Lakomski
  • Melissa Siegenthaler, CPBA
  • Jason Mapplebeck
  • Susan Kerr
  • Gabriel Vanez
  • Paula Panchisin
  • Lisa Snedeker
  • Robin Pearl
  • Randy Lewis
  • Tara Higgins, RPh, CDOE
  • Marina Barron
  • Dwayne Ford
  • Susan Shields Furchak
  • Nancy Davis

Congratulations to the DISC Certification Training Class of 2012

  • Adrienne Kosky
  • Brian Hunter
  • Christa Lenko
  • Colleen Lily Winston
  • Deborah Harvey
  • Stephen Lister
  • Donna Pearring
  • Mildred Walters
  • Sonal Kumar, Ph.D
  • Diane Frea
  • Donna M Garcia
  • Dr. Beryl Harman
  • Dr. Susan Grunin
  • Jolene Shouman
  • Julie Brink
  • Terry Petko
  • Malinda J. Mims
  • Wendy Hofford
  • Jackie O’Guin
  • Karen Galli
  • Anita Webb

Congratulations to the DISC Certification Training Class of 2011

  • Carolyn Butler
  • Kathy Andrew
  • Kima Walker
  • Quay Kester, PhD
  • Marc L. Miller, Ph.D.
  • Rick Wetzel
  • Amanda Campbell
  • Maureen Carmody

Congratulations to the DISC Certification Training Class of 2010

  • Murray O. Harvey
  • Nancy Modrall
  • Sandra DeWitt, RN, MSN, PCC
  • Wes Stockmann

Congratulations to the DISC Certification Training Class of 2008

  • Donna Bean
  • Linda Holehan
  • Kathy Youngquist
  • Suzie D Fleming

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DISC training provided in these other cities:

Atlanta DISC Training

Greg is available for DISC Certification training in Atlanta, Arizona (Phoenix, Tucson, Mesa), California DISC Certification training as in DISC training Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, Fresno, Sacramento and DISC workshops in Long Beach. Texas is one of our favorite states so there are DISC training programs in Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, Ft. Worth, and Austin. Virginia has Virginia Beach and Washington State has DISC training for Seattle. DISC training and certification can be taught in Tampa, Florida, Gainesville, Florida, Chicago, and Louisville, KY, DISC and Baltimore, MD, DISC certification classes are possible as DISC training in Boston, MA, and Detroit, MI. Kansas City DISC certification classes are offered. DISC behavior training in cities such as Omaha, Las Vegas, Albuquerque, and North Carolina (Charlotte DISCDurham and Raleigh DISC certification, RTP – train the trainer) classes. New York, NY DISC. DISC workshops located in Columbus, OH, Oklahoma City and Portland OR. We now serve the Washington D.C. DISC training area. Wherever you are, we are available for DISC training.